Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

We're back!

Hurrah, something to cheer about at last. London Group has restarted social walks.On Saturday July 4th, two took place in different areas and one was particularly special, as it was Jerome Ripp's 100th as a London walk leader. To celebrate the occasion, Ian Fairweather, our social secretary, presented him with an engraved compass. 

Many thanks to Ian for organising the presentation. More walks are scheduled for the next two Saturdays - Jerome has already announced his 101st - and thanks also go Gavin, Nigel and Andy for stepping up. Here's the usual reminder about protocols:

The maximum number on social walks is six, one of whom must be the walk leader, and all must be primary members. Leaders will need to contact Marie, the Walks Secretary, in advance to let her know they are offering a walk in their particular ‘hub’. The ‘hub’ area and leader’s name, email address and phone number will be circulated via bulk email, and participants must contact this leader to book a place, not just turn up on the day.

Having registered, giving a contact email address, they will then be told the exact location and walk details. It's first come, first served and places book up quickly, so if by any chance you can't attend after all, please let the leader know promptly so your place can go to someone else.



Jerome compass memento

Above and below: Celebrating Jerome's 100th walk as a London Group leader 


Jerome ian compass



Jerome group walk

Jerome and company (do we call them the Famous Five?) about to set off from Norbiton


Jerome's 4th July walk wasn't the only one available. Below: Gavin led a 20-mile circular from Riddlesdown.


gavin extra walk





Mews from round the world (!) ...

Our Isle of Wight correspondent, Jill Green, writes: 


Jim has now walked every single footpath on the Isle of Wight. The map is covered in yellow lines. It's about his fourth map as they disintegrate from being folded and refolded so much. But he and I had lots of adventures walking the last of the footpaths without yellow lines. This sometimes meant long walks to take in one odd path. We were in Porchfield when we got ambushed by a load of galloping steers. They were BIG. Somehow we escaped over a barbed wire fence into a thicket containing brambles and stinging nettles. I could hear children's voices. 'Is Mummy there?' I called.

I heard Mummy.

'We aren't burglars,' I called. 'We've been chased by cattle!'

The nice lady said, 'Get through the thicket, over the stream, up the bank, climb the wall and I'll let you into the back garden.'

Well, I'm not agile or supple any more, but I got through the thicket, across the small stream, up the bank... but THE WALL! Jim had to use all his strength to lift me up over it, and then I had to pull him up. The two little girls were amazed to see these two old people coming up looking like... goodness knows. Mummy said she would love to give us nice hot sweet tea as we looked like we did need it, but it was the night of the lockdown so couldn't. However, the little girls could show us all the things they had been doing, from a distance. What a happy memory.



Founders Challenge: where we are now and what happens next


The London Group committee met via Zoom last Wednesday to discuss, among other things, plans for the Founders Challenge. We're aware that everything at the moment is being done on a speculative basis, and are waiting for the national executive committee to approve  the resumption of challenge events. Even so, preparations need to be put in place so everything's good to go when the necessary permission is given, and organiser Chris Blackwell put in an enormous amount of hard work to overcome all the difficulties. There are a lot of people out there desperate to do an event, so all the stops are being pulled out. 

We've been able to make one decision - owing to issues with the booking of venues, the date of the event has been put forward one week and is now scheduled for Saturday 3rd October. The marshals' walk remains as given in the programme - 19th September.  

Appeal for helpers

Although, as has been said, plans have to stay provisional, what Chris does need NOW is some idea of who's up for helping on the day. You can contact him at chris.blackwell240717@gmail.com


scarecrows founders route





And finally...


Life imitating art

One of the ways I've been passing the time since lockdown is matching some of my walking photos to paintings. I found this on a Twitter account I follow, @innis art - it's by Emilio Sanchez Perrier (1855-1907), a Spanish landscape painter who was interested in photography and its potential for the artist. I don't know the date or location of this painting, though it looks a bit too green for Spain. The photo below it is - at a guess - the New River. I don't think I took it myself, so feel free to let me know if its one of yours so you can take the credit.


life art boat two



new river boat one




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