AGM 2018 documents

AGM 2018 documents
AGM 2018 documents

Dear London Group members

The attached documents are for the AGM at 6:30 on Thursday 8th March. They are:

- revised agenda giving references to the relevant document for each agenda item;

- report by treasurer and secretaries;

- final signed accounts for 2017;

- report by webmaster;

- report by walks secretary;

- refunds policy.

The report on challenge events was sent in an email on 12th February.

Paper copies of the agenda and the walk secretary's report will be available at the meeting.  You'll need to print your own copies of the other documents if you want to refer to them at the meeting. But if you can't do that then please email the secretaries at , if possible by 18:00 on Saturday March 3rd, and we will bring some copies for you. 

London Group secretaries      1st March 2018



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