Founders Challenge Catering

Founders Challenge Catering
Founders Challenge Catering

For the Founders Challenge on 14th October this year we still need someone or a small group of people to take responsibility for the catering. Although this is no longer LDWA London's only Challenge Event it is the one where we have a reputation for catering to defend! However, reputation is not what this is about. 

If you have enjoyed walking with the group or participating in our or others' challenge walks, this is the opportunity to give something back. The Founders is a great walk in marvellous countryside reflecting the history of the LDWA. The purpose of the catering we do is to ensure that participants have sufficient food during and afterwards to survive and enjoy the day. On that basis what is offered at checkpoints and the menu for the meal at the Finish are all negotiable: simple could be very, very good!

The tasks for the Catering Coordinator(s) - and I stress that it can be more than one person - are:

1. Order/buy food. Chris Ketteringham, who has coordinated the catering for the last few years and understands quantities, sale & return, etc., will advise once choice of food is decided for the Checkpoints and the post-event meal.
2.  On the evening before, i.e. Friday 13th!, the hall is available and it is very helpful to bring in food and supplies then.
3.  On the day, with a team of helpers, provide:
  • Hot drinks/biscuits from 8.30 
  • Prepare food for checkpoints ready to be taken by marshals by 11.00.
  • Prepare After Event meal, to be ready for all finishers.

So please step forward on your own or as part of a team: let Gordon Parker at know that you are willing to take on this task for the Group. Or at least ask any questions to dispel your doubts! Perhaps you have suggestions about how to manage it? We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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