Expand your urban vocabulary with London LDWA!

Expand your urban vocabulary with London LDWA!
Expand your urban vocabulary with London LDWA!

Hello everyone

Well as the days get longer, so the cold gets stronger, as they say, and that certainly seems to be the case at the moment. In last weekend's walk, we even came across some snow lying in Russell Square.   The first I think I've seen on an LDWA London outing for a couple of years..

Anyway, why not take the opportunity to get into the fresh air and start working on that New Years resolution to enjoy more exercise?   We've got the perfect opportunity for this Saturday with Julie's London without the Gooners walk. Well, I have to confess that I actually had no idea what a Gooner was so I had to look it up.   I'm sure everyone else knows (and if you don't it's something to do with football).   But I'm sure Julie will be able to give you more details if you join her on Saturday.

The walk heads west from Greenwich to Charing Cross and would be an excellent complement to Susanne's walk last Sunday, which covered similar territory but by a completely different route, and in the opposite direction.   For those of you who are mud-averse, this walk might also offer the opportunity to keep your feet a bit drier than usual.

So if you'd like to get the inside story on the Gooners, and why you will be without them on Saturday, just join Julie at Cutty-Sark-for-Maritime-Greenwich station (DLR) at 9 am on Saturday.


Greenwich cafe

Refreshment stop (complete with snow) in Greenwich Park - you can check it out on next Saturday's walk


And while I've got your attention, don't forget the photo competition (click here for details).   Also by way of advance notice, we'll shortly be sending out a round-robin email asking for volunteers to help out at the annual LDWA "100" challenge event in Dorset on 28th to 30th May 2016.   Watch this space!

In the meantime, have a great week and try not to get buried in the snowdrifts.




London Without The Gooners

Sat 23rd Jan 2016


Event Details:

Event Type
Group Walk
Southern England
Local Group
Start Time
Cutty-Sark-for-Maritime-Greenwich station (DLR) London Marathon route leaving out the unlovelier parts of Woolwich (Spurs fans will get the reference). Pub or sandwich lunch (poss drop-out point) at Tower Bridge, finish at Charing Cross
Julie Welch Telephone number 020 8692 0848
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