Spring and summer walking weekends with LDWA London

Spring and summer walking weekends with LDWA London
Spring and summer walking weekends with LDWA London

Hello everyone

Already beginning to anticipate the need to burn off a few Christmas calories with some fresh air and exercise?

Well, here are a couple of ideas to think about.

This spring and summer, one of our LDWA London Committee members, Paul Lawrence, is planning two longer excursions, well outside the London area.   So as you digest your turkey, take a look at the summaries below and see if they whet your appetite to get out and about again.


Trip 1: “You’ll Never Walk Alone!”.   A weekend in Liverpool, 17-19 April 2015
Paul’s planning something a bit out of the ordinary in April – a trip to Liverpool, with excellent opportunities to combine sightseeing with walking in an area that many of us may not know so well.   So why not broaden your horizons and find out some more?

To learn about this trip, click this link to get to all the details in the “Weekends Away” section of the LDWA website.   Please note, this trip will only go ahead if there is sufficient demand.   So please let Paul know by Monday 12 January if you think you’d be interested – his contact details are at the attached web-page.


Trip 2: “Wainwright-bagging in the Lake District”.   An excursion based in Ambleside, 16-23 June
Paul will be in the Lake District for a week from 16-23 June.   As he is planning to be there anyway, this trip isn’t demand-dependent but he’d very much welcome your company for all or part of the week.

Paul’s reason for making this trip is to climb his last “Wainwright” – and in case you’re not in the know, the “Wainwrights” are the 214 hills and mountains described the eponymous author’s “Pictorial Guides”.   So if you’d like to join Paul as he becomes one an elite band to have completed them all (and no doubt enjoy a glass of something celebratory at the top), click here to access the details on the “Weekends Away” page (note you have to scroll down the page to get to the Lakes details).   Again, please let Paul know by 12 January if you’d like to attend – contact details are on the web-page.


So – hopefully this will have given you something to ponder – but for now you can safely slip back to the sofa and contemplate the nineteenth repeat of “Casino Royale”…

Happy hiking


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