How to volunteer

Here's how you can get involved and help us at the event

The event could not happen without the hard work and  dedication of a select team of volunteers. If you would like to give something back to the London Group, we are looking for drivers, cooks, admin staff or Marshals.

Please email the event organiser, Gordon Parker, at if you are interested.
You can also contact Gordon by phone on 07891 196930
NB: Gordon will be out of the country from 20th July - 29th August and again from 5th - 12th September 2015.   Between these dates, if possible please contact Gordon by email and only use the mobile number in case of urgency


The Marshals' hike

Volunteering does not mean you have to miss out on walking the route as this year, as the Marshals will walk the route the week before on Saturday 26th   September (click here for details of the social walk in Surrey on Sat 26 Sep which will also be the Marshals' hike).  This walk will also be used as an opportunity to show anybody who has not done a Challenge walk before, what is involved. It is open to anybody who would like to attend.


Find out more

Just click the the appropriate links below to find out about:


  1. Background to the Founders' challenge
  2. Details of the 2015 course routes with downloadable GPX files and overview maps and how to get to the start
  3. Entry fees, in advance, on-the-day, for members and non-members; and what you get in return
  4. How to sign up, and a link to the "SI Entries" system
  5. Go back to the Founders' overview page
  6. Contacting us for more information
  7. Results and report - to be published shortly after the event