Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - This week with London LDWA

London LDWA had some great publicity in the latest Strider, with a very entertaining article by Gill Struthers about a joint London and Essex & Herts saunter over the original Capital Challenge route earlier this year. Tomorrow we have a rematch over the new route. Organiser Jean O'Reilly has kindly extended the finishing date of the Anytime to the end of August, so a team consisting of Kathy Crilly, Pete Buffham and me will be carrying the flag for London while Essex & Herts features an unchanged side in the shape of Gill, Ginny Powell and Mick Dodge. Let's hope this morning's fine weather persists. I can't be the only one who set out to walk last week in pleasant sunshine only for it to start bucketing down as soon as I was a long way from home. Though I'm probably the only one who didn't think to pack waterproofs. Anyway, here's a nice picture of us enjoying the pergola on Hampstead Heath last time around.


cap chall tuesday three

Ginny, Lonica, Mick and Gill at the pergola 



Stop press! Pop-up walk


A last minute edition to the walks programme. Registration is required.


Date: Saturday 7th August  

Location: East Sussex   

Time: 9.20

Distance: c.20 miles

Route: Wealden valleys and woods.

Details: Bring food and drink, picnic stops only. Please text leader to register and for start details.  

Leader: Jerome Ripp (text 07470196890) Maximum group of 12  


Further details on the website: https://ldwa.org.uk/London/E/25252/jrs-return.html


August walks


Wednesday 4th August: https://ldwa.org.uk/London/E/25241/the-basildon-highline.html 

Mid week walk, led by Ron


Saturday 7th August: https://ldwa.org.uk/London/E/24946/the-sw-london-tops.html 

Led by Gavin


Wednesday 11th August: https://ldwa.org.uk/London/E/25201/summer-social-walk-victoria.html 

Evening walk, led by Gavin, followed by our summer picnic


Wednesday 11th August: https://ldwa.org.uk/London/E/25202/summer-social-walk-east-london.html 

Evening walk, led by Ali, followed by our summer picnic


Saturday 14th August: https://ldwa.org.uk/London/E/24528/an-alternative-essex-way-part-3.html 

Led by Ron


There is no need to pre register with the walk leader in advance for these walks. Please feel free to turn up on the day.


If anyone would like to lead a walk in late August / early September please let Marie know, who can put it on the walks programme. The email address is; London.walks@ldwa.org.uk






London LDWA - http://www.ldwa.org.uk/London