Julie's Jabber - a new normal for London LDWA

Julie's Jabber - a new normal for London LDWA
Julie's Jabber - a new normal for London LDWA



Resuming social walks


The LDWA National Committee has announced that social walks are now permitted to resume under certain conditions, details of which are on the LDWA website at Guidance for LDWA Social Walks . These have been shared with the LDWA Insurer who has expressed confidence in the guidelines as they reflect the requirements of the four UK Governments, and London Group committee members have met via Zoom to discuss the practicalities involved in a restart.

London Group has a unique problem in that it prides itself on using public transport rather than cars to access walks. With the use of the transport system for leisure purposes currently discouraged, making stations the start and finish points will have to be avoided. As the Group has a sizeable catchment area, it follows that the way forward looks to be establishing ‘hubs’ based on where leaders live. Participants who live within reach can access the start point either by driving or walking there, or join the walk at a suitable point to be agreed with the leader. To allow for people arriving on foot, walks will start at a later time than usual, and they will also be on a circular basis.


Protocols for leaders and participants

What will the ‘new normal’ conditions mean, additionally, for leaders and participants? As the guidelines stipulate that the maximum number on social walks can be six, one of whom must be the walk leader, and that all must be primary London Group members, the usual procedure of giving out walk details on the website and via the Newsletter won’t apply. Leaders will need to contact Marie, the Walks Secretary, in advance to let her know they are offering a walk in their particular ‘hub’. The ‘hub’ area and leader’s name, email address and phone number will be circulated via the Newsletter and/or bulk email, and participants must contact this leader to book a place. No details will appear on the London Group website. Leaders may prefer to be contacted by phone if they think it would be easier to conduct arrangements via a WhatsApp group.

Leaders will have recce’ed the walk in advance to ensure it is COVID-secure in terms of conforming to social distancing rules, and will remind participants of the rules for safe walking before starting off. As we need to keep in mind the possibility of a participant suffering an injury, walks will not take place in too remote an area. 

Participants must register with the leader in advance, not simply turn up on the day. Having registered, giving a contact email address, they will then be told the exact location and walk details. The system will operate on a first come, first served basis, so if you book a place, please turn up. If in any circumstances you are unable to take up your place, let the leader know so s/he can offer it to someone else. Please let the leader have your mobile number and have your phone with you on the day.

The Committee is aware that conditions will place an extra administrative burden on walk leaders. The priority is to find out who is prepared to step up, and Marie will shortly be contacting them. We hope to get this under way in the next two weeks.Marie is also happy for new people to step forward with midweek and evening walks - the weather is picking up so a nice 6 -7 miles in the evening might be just what people fancy!

One final note: We recognise that quite a few members are shielding – either themselves or a member of their household. Hopefully, your position will change soon but in the meantime please know we haven’t forgotten you.


january walk ron williamson

PHOTO Gavin Fuller






Going green

The English countryside is at its best at this time of year and London Group members are getting out to enjoy it 


nicel heys green photo

Danebury Hill Fort
PHOTO Nigel Heys


gavin ller green photo

A lovely image captured  by Gavin on a recce with Ian and Barry around the Surrey/Sussex border
PHOTO Gavin Fuller


melissa butcher green

From Melissa and Lonica's 'bubble' walk in Epping Forest - I'm pretty sure this is Connaught Water, where I went rowing as a child with my best friend Jo! 
PHOTO Melissa Butcher






And finally...

A round of applause to Tim Bedwell for what may well be the funniest caption of the year. 


tim bedwell caption winner

OMG! Winston Churchill!


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