;Kitchener's call to LDWA London!

The 19th Founders Challenge event organised by the LDWA London Group will be held on Saturday 3rd October.  Volunteers are needed!


This e-mail is being sent to all LDWA London members on behalf of the Founders’ Challenge hike organiser at


Adam Pode has unfortunately had to withdraw from the Coordinator's role he filled so well last year.   Gordon Parker has agreed to step in and reprise his 2011 - 2013 performance - but he needs all the help he can get!

Our target is to have 200 people finishing so please publicise the event to people you meet on your walks.   And to achieve that successfully we need about 40 volunteers on the day....

  • Some of you will have walked this event in the past and/or helped marshal on the day: please come and do so again!
  • Some of you have no idea what a challenge event involves: please come along and find out!
  • And some of you will think; “shall I walk it or marshal - or can I do both?”   And Yes You Can!! Because there will be a Marshals’ Walk the week before (see below).
  • And just as entrants need marshals, so the reverse is true and it is always a pleasure to see London Group members among the walkers on the day, so your 4th option is ENTER! (see below for details)


We need marshals to help at the HQ in Peaslake from between 7 & 8 a.m. until the hall is cleared up (by 8 p.m.) and at the 4 checkpoints. But you do not have to do a 12 hour shift!

If you are new to the group, haven’t marshalled at an event before or want to see what a challenge event is all about this is an excellent opportunity to come along, meet people & be part of a great team delivering an excellent, enjoyable experience.   No previous experience necessary!

It is always an enjoyable day, there is a range of tasks and time slots can be arranged to suit your schedule.   You may be indoors for much of the time, registering entrants, making sandwiches, serving tea & soup.   Or you may be outside (whatever the weather) encouraging weary walkers, offering refreshments and cheering them on their way - or perhaps arranging a lift back to HQ.   Or you may help with the setting up and clearing up.   All these roles are vital to make the day go well so that entrants have a good time and the London group's flagship event sails successfully into the sunset for another year.

Advice on how to get to Peaslake can be provided; offers of transport are always welcome; and some lift shares can be arranged.

The Marshals’ Walk on Saturday 26th September is an opportunity to do the route in a group – it is like a regular social walk – so it is a chance for you to follow a route description (& check on the leader’s navigation!) if you are not yet confident about turning up at a challenge event & having to go it alone.


If you’d like to help out please contact Gordon at

For more information see

To ENTER online go to


There are 2 routes: a 26 mile route including St Martha’s Hill & a total of 1100m/3600ft of ascent; the shorter route is 17 miles with 640m/2100ft of ascent.


So – once again, please do think about helping at this interesting and worthwhile event.   Gordon is awaiting your e-mail right now!   Remember, the contact email is

Thank you.

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