Information about future of Newsletter

Information about future of Newsletter
Information about future of Newsletter

Hello All

Sorry to bother you with yet another email for the AGM on Tuesday but I think that it is important that you are aware of what is being proposed for the future of the newsletter.

Ali Pretty has edited this for the last 3 years but will be standing down now and no-one has offered to take on this role. Below is a message from Ali in which she proposes an alternative approach to passing on news:

Hi Everyone

My three years on the committee as newsletter editor is up! I've enjoyed
setting up the newsletter with mail chimp and adding images and other news
items. However not too many of you read it and all the news items appear on
the webpage or Facebook or Adam's weekly emails. Therefore unless anyone has
a desire to take on the newsletter and transform it's purpose I propose we
use the above channels for regular updates. I'm happy to keep posting
interesting articles and events I find related to walking on the facebook

If you want to share your ideas or thoughts on this matter please post on
Facebook or email me at and I will feedback at the AGM
on Tuesday.

Many thanks

Look forward to hearing any ideas that you might have.


Douglas Robinson


London LDWA -