Beating the Bounds 30/9/2023

  A walk around the parish boundary of St Michaels Church Galleywood in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the dedication of the church., and   visiting stones that were placed in 1874 when the boundary was first established.  The walk was split into 5 sections so that members of the church could do smaller parts. At one stage we had 50 people - but only about half did the whole walk. The LDWA members kindly waited at stopping points for others to catch up - but also finished a bit before others. It was fine though and and convivial throughout. The high points were when we actually came across the boundary stones, especially the ones that had been sitting in place since 1874 - although it was a bit annoying that Boundary stone No. 1 that had been sitting at a road junction for 150 years was removed a couple of months ago. There were originally ten stones, but now only 6 remain. As we came up hill to get back to the church the bells were ringing - which was like a welcome back message! .