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Minutes of the Essex & Herts 46th AGM Meeting/Account 2021

Draft_minutes_of_the_46th_Annual_General_Meeting_of_the_Essex_and_Herts_Long_Distance_Walking_Group__3_.pdf EAHLDWA_2020_accounts__1_.pdf  

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Early Days of Essex-Herts LDWA Group

The first AGM of the LDWA took place in 1973 following the publication of a newsletter devoted to long distance walking which was first published in 1971. There were three current EH members at the first AGM. In 1974 Frank Duerden contacted LDWA members in Essex Herts area & subsequently the first…

Essex Herts Eastern Triple Challenge

EASTERN TRIPLE CHALLENGE  Updated event dates for your diary. Winter Poppyline 50 3-Forests Way/Herts Stroller Shotley Peninsula 50  Georgie Hogg Essex-Herts Group  

Essex Herts Triple Challenge

  ESSEX-HERTS TRIPLE CHALLENGE - UPDATE   The Essex-Herts Triple Challenge continues to attract walkers and runners alike.   Essex Walker  Herts Hobble  Blackwater Marathon        Georgie Hogg Essex-Herts Group    

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Kent Group Epping Forest Outdoor Group Essex Walker Walking in Herts Walking in Essex

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Health And Safety Aide Memoire