Membership & Social Walk Statistics

Poppy Whiteside, the LDWA Data Analyst, will be producing  a twice yearly snapshot  of  data for  membership and social and challenge walks for both local  LDWA groups and the national LDWA..

.The date is derived from two sources:

(1) Membership data - this is taken from the  SiEntries membership database. The data was up to date as of 4th July 2023
(2) Social Walks/Challenge Events walks database (collated by Chris Burrell). This was up to date as of 19th June 2023

Follow the link below to  see the first  Dashboard which covers the first six months of 2023. The next update will be  published in mid-January 2024. If you have any queries or observations, please get in touch  with  either Gill ( ) or Jackie (

LDWA Local Group Dashboard Essex & Herts July 2023