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LDWA Library

This section of the LDWA website contains documents which are considered of interest to either the general membership, event organisers or the local groups.

There is currently a very limited number of documents that have been converted, but this number will increase in time. If there is anything that you feel would be of interest, please let any of the committee know and it will be considered for inclusion.


LDWA "how to" Toolkit for LDWA Officers

  Toolkit for LDWA Officers - (Members Only)  



Official (Legal) Stuff

  Articles of Association  
  Bylaws of the Association adopted 10 March 2019  
  Changes to Bylaw 3 October 2020  
  Amended Bylaws effective from October 2020 until further notice  
  AGM Minutes 1973 - 1999  - (Members Only)
  AGM Minutes 2007  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2008  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2009  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2010  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2011  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2012  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2013  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2014  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2015  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2016  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2017  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2018  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2019  - (Members Only)  
  AGM Minutes 2020  - (Members Only)  



LDWA Certificates of Insurance 2020-2021

    Hiscox Cover Summary  
    Public Liability Certificate  
    Professional Indemnity Certificate  
    Cyber Certificate  

Published Documents

  Guidelines For Events  
  How to Organise The Hundred
Contact for more information
  Rules For Hundred Completions  
  Policy on Donations, Subscriptions and Loans  
  Policy Document - Guidance on Safeguarding (with flow chart)  
  Policy Document - Safeguarding Children and Young People  
  Policy Document - Safeguarding Adults  
  Policy Document - Environmental Policy Statement  
  Policy Document - Dogs on Walks  
  Policy Document - Personal Abuse  
  Policy Document - Equality and Diversity  

Business Plan 2020-2025


Archived Documents

    100s Route, Results and Certificate
    Hints for Hundreds Organisers
    Policy Document - Safeguarding Young People & Vulnerable Adults  

European Ramblers' Association

    44th ERA Meeting 10-13 October 2013

Useful/Interesting Articles

  AGM 2012 Poem  
  A Survivor's Guide to Hundreds and Other Long Walks  
  Training for Trailwalker: 100 km along the South Downs Way  
  Showing the Way: A few thoughts on leading walks  
  How to be a Good Entrant  

Local Groups' Weekends - Document Packs: 2016 to 2019 - (Members only)


The 'Practicals' series of articles

    Part 1 - Why We Walk Long Distances  
    Part 2 - Where We Walk Long Distances  
    Part 3 - Preparing and Care of the Body  
    Part 4 - Looking after the body during the walk  
    Part 5 - Rucksacks & Wet Weather  
    Part 6 - Feet, Knees, Boots & Socks  
    Part 7 - Food, water and cooking  
    Part 8 - Navigation  
    Part 9 - What To Put In Your Pack  
    Part 10 - Accommodation for Walkers  
    Part 11 - Day Walking and Accommodation  
    Part 12 - Possibilities for Urban Walking  
    Part 13 - The Variety and the Bizarre  
    Part 14 - Some Favourite Walks  

Downloadable Documents

  Standard Entry Form  
  Challenge Event Notification Form  
  Accident & Incident Form  


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