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Hillwalkers' Register

Last updated 1 April 2022


If you enjoy hillwalking, and need new goals to keep you motivated and exploring new areas of Britain, you will love the LDWA’s Hillwalkers’ Register webpages.

Here we offer a unique service giving information and advice to all those wanting to take up a hillwalking challenge. We focus on England, Wales, Ireland and the Southern Uplands of Scotland. (The Scottish Mountaineering Club looks after the other Scottish Hill Lists very well).

Here we offer five Registers of hillwalkers who have ascended:

The mountains over 2000ft in England & Wales - Register 1

The Wainwright Hills in the Lake District (with options to collect Outlying Fells, Birketts and Fellrangers) - Register 2

The County Tops of England and Wales (with an option to collect Irish County Tops) - Register 3

The mountains over 2000ft in Ireland - Register 4

The hills over 500 metres of England and Wales called Deweys (with an option to collect in Southern Scotland, called Donald Deweys) - Register 5

The hills you will climb to complete these registers can represent many years of wonderful days exploring our hills. And occasionally someone challenges themselves to whiz round in record time. It’s your choice; your list!

How to Claim an Entry on the Register

Once you have successfully completed a list of hills simply fill in this Claim Form, save it as a PDF and email it to the Recorder at The Recorder will enter your name on the relevant Register. Claims must be on this official form. Please complete a separate form for each register and each claimant.

If you like, you can purchase a certificate for £5.00 as a memento of your superb achievement.  You may want to add a badge for a further £1.50. Please send payment via the LDWA Shop and attach the receipt to your email.

Non LDWA members are most welcome to be added to the Register, although we would love you to join so that you receive our Strider magazine full of inspiring ideas for challenge walks, social walks and hills, plus the Hillwalkers' Register Annual Report in the April Edition. 

Certificates and Badges

Our certificates are printed on high quality A4 card and have relevant images for each register. You can click on the images below to take a look.

The Two Thousand  Foot Mountains  of England & Wales
(click to enlarge)
The Wainwrights (214 Lakeland Fells)
(click to enlarge)
Wainwright’s Outlying Fells (116 Lakeland fells)
(click to enlarge)
The Birketts (541 Lakeland Fells)
(click to enlarge)
The Lakeland Fellrangers (227 Lakeland Fells)
(click to enlarge)
The County  Tops of England  & Wales
(click to enlarge)
The County Tops of Ireland
(click to enlarge)
The Two Thousand Foot Mountains of Ireland
(click to enlarge)
The 500m+ Hills of England and Wales (Deweys)
(click to enlarge)
The 500m+ Tops of Southern Scotland (Donald Deweys)
(click to enlarge)

Once you have completed one or more of the registers you can buy a cloth badge to sew on your rucksack. The badge shows a rucksack leaning against a summit trig column, with a hillscape in the background. It bears the words Hillwalkers Register and LDWA.


Annual Completion and Progress Report

We publish an annual Hillwalkers' Register report each year in the April Strider magazine, when new completions for the year will be shown (to wow your family and friends!). The report will give details of new entrants to each register during the previous calendar year. Or you can click on the relevant Registers at the right of this page to see the current list any time you like.

You will see the very popular registers are the 2000ft Mountains of England and Wales Register 1, and the Wainwright Registers Register 2.

Not many folks are working on the Irish Hills or the Deweys and we invite people to email with their progress on these lists during the year. We will happily report your progress in Strider, to spur you on, if you keep the recorder informed on the following three registers:

The Birketts Register 2c
The Irish 2000 Foot Hills Register 4
The Deweys and Donald Deweys Register 5a and 5b


Click on one of the Registers to learn more about the relevant lists and the accepted publications which provide a hill list.

Researching your hills online

In addition to the books we recommend on each of the Register pages, we would also draw your attention to two brilliant online sources of information.

The Database of British and Irish Hills is now probably the primary source of data about hills in Great Britain and Ireland.  You can download the whole database or relevant sections from this site to help you collect your hills.

The Hill Bagging Website, managed by Simon Edwardes, is closely linked with the database mentioned above.  Here you can actually log your hills online as well as plan your trips by reading other people's blogs and see useful data and survey reports about each hill you are interested in.  You can search the database by categories allowing you to find lists relevant to each of our registers, and to monitor your progress.  You can even get competitive and take a look at league tables to see how you are going compared to your friends. 

Important Note Regarding Access

Neither the HR nor the LDWA condone irresponsible behaviour in the countryside and do not encourage trespass. The HR and the LDWA will not be held responsible for any actions that result from ignoring these warnings.


Have you taken a great shot whilst hill walking that you would be proud to share? The Recorder needs some interesting photographs relevant to each of the registers to illustrate the Annual Report.

Photographs of a summit celebration on completing such a round, (champagne or beer to hand!) would be particularly welcome. Please send these to the Recorder as email attachments at a good resolution. Send more than one email if you are sending several images.

Please add a description or caption for your shots, and make sure they include the names of the people, the location, the occasion and the date.

Retrospective Claims

We welcome retrospective claims. To claim on behalf of a deceased or otherwise incapacitated completer is fine too. Do clarify your connection with the completer please.

Multi Register Completions

Rob Woodall, became the first person to claim entry into all ten of our registers in November 2015. He was closely followed by Michael Earnshaw in May 2016 and Bob Garrett in October 2016. Huge congratulations to all three, and we look forward to seeing more names here.

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