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The LDWA is always extremely enthusiastic towards and grateful for any challenge event that seeks promotion on the LDWA’s challenge event listings, for the potential interest and participation of its members. Self-registration, through the facility detailed below and offered through the following link - - is greatly appreciated, but please remember that if incurring any problems or whilst unsure how to perform the operation the LDWA Challenge Events Coordinator can be contacted at and will always respond as soon as practically possible and be prepared to help out in full. Good luck and thank you very much.
Tim Glenn, LDWA Challenge Events Coordinator.

The LDWA maintains a comprehensive calendar of UK challenge walking events and festivals that is also published in each issue of Strider. Events organised by LDWA local groups should use the LDWA online system. Challenge events put on by non-LDWA organisations can also be registered using the LDWA online facility.

Before you register a challenge event, please ensure that you have read the notes below and your challenge event complies with the normal LDWA event requirements. Simply select the category that meets the description of your type of event, but if in any doubt please contact the LDWA Challenge Events Coordinator:

Register a Challenge Event   |   Register a Walking Festival

Challenge Event Requirements 
(modified 6 August 2019)

For a Challenge Event to be supported and publicised by the LDWA, the following requirements must be fulfilled

  • The event is mainly cross-country
  • The event has an emphasis on walking and walkers' needs throughout
  • There may be several routes, but at least one is 20 miles or more in length
  • There must be at most 500 starters
  • The event does not require entrants to obtain sponsorship
  • The event is organised with due regard to safety
  • The event is organised with due regard to the environment
  • The event is organised with due consideration for the local community and landowners
  • The event complies with current legislation, in particular Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations
  • There is adequate public liability insurance cover
  • A risk assessment has been conducted in respect of the event
  • All entrants sign a declaration that they will observe the rules of the event and obey the Country Code
  • Written consent of a parent or guardian is obtained for entrants under 18 years of age
  • The entry fee is reasonable given the support and facilities provided
  • The event finances are conducted in a proper manner
  • The event is organised in a manner consistent with the aims and objectives of the LDWA

Walking Festival Requirements

For a Walking Festival to be supported and publicised by the LDWA, the following requirements must be fulfilled

  • Walks are offered over a number of days and a variety of distances
  • Walks are mostly led

Much fuller information and advice can be found in the online booklet How to Organise a Challenge Event (revised 2021). This booklet includes information on the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations legislation and Country Code etc.

Notes on Completion

The online challenge event registration forms are not only designed to assist you in recalling all the relevant detail, but also help to make the job of the LDWA Challenge Events Coordinator easier. The LDWA has separate officers looking after Challenge Events and Local Group Social Walks. If you have any difficulty in completing the form, please contact the relevant officer who will be able to advise you on the presentation of your walk details in Strider. They are also available to give you advice on what date to hold your walk. This is particularly important so that your walk does not clash with another challenge event or group social walk in the same area as your own.

Challenge event organisers should make sure that all relevant details are complete and accurate.

Annual Challenge Events: The organisers should add 'Same as Last Year' to the title and need only alter the date and any other fields that have altered, i.e., cost. All other fields can be left blank.

If your group/organisation has a website please give some thought to including the URL and/or email address on the event notification form.

Please also note that there is a box to indicate whether you will accept the Standard Entry Form (SEF). Please ensure that you indicate as appropriate. If you do not indicate, it will be assumed that the SEF is not acceptable.

What Happens Next

Your challenge event will not be automatically included on the Events Calendar and in Strider. Acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the LDWA Committee (LDWA NEC).

Once submitted, your event will be reviewed by the Challenge Events Coordinator to check its suitability and to ensure that you have completed all the required information. If the Coordinator has any questions, they will contact you. Finally, if accepted, the event will then be published on the challenge events list of the LDWA website and included in the next edition of Strider. The submission deadlines for inclusion in Strider (occasionally subject to change) are: April edition by 31st January, August edition by 31st May and December edition by 30th September. Earlier, if possible, obviously.


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