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Hints for Hundreds Organisers - Introduction




Hints for Hundreds Organisers



Copyright © 2007 The Long Distance Walkers Association



A Supplement to 'Guidelines for Events' (Sixth Edition 2007) to be read in conjunction with that Booklet and NOT as a separate paper.

The sections of the supplement correspond to those of the booklet. The differences between shorter events (even up to 100k) and Hundreds are primarily differences of scale but some aspects acquire greater significance because of that scale e.g. communications, safety, public relations and budgeting. The LDWA National Committee has adopted a budget framework which is reproduced on page 61 of this leaflet. It is designed not only to ensure consistency of approach but also to act as a reminder of most (not all) of the many things which need to be considered when planning a 'Hundred'.

Much of the advice in 'Guidelines' is distilled in the appendices. Appendix A, Requirements for Events, will already be well-known (it is reproduced on the back of the LDWA Event Application Form) as will the Country Code in Appendix C while the Code of Practice for Events in Appendix B reinforces many of the points familiar to challenge walk organisers. The first of those points is 'Plan Early' and it is worth noting that 36 months* is the time given in Appendix D, Walk Planning Timetable, for these five actions:-

  • decide on date and area; (see 1.3 and 2.1)
  • form organising committee; (see 1.2)
  • find and book HQ; (see 4.1, 4.2 and 4.13)
  • prepare budget and seek sponsorship; (see 3.1, 3.2 and 3.3)
  • discuss event with key landowners, authorities and police. (see 2.7 and 2.8)

*As the number of entrants will be 500 (approx.) the upper figure is used throughout.

Some of the remaining points in the Code of Practice for Events are summarised here:-

  • Consult widely
  • Get permission well in advance
  • Avoid inappropriate locations, sensitive landscapes, habitats and archaeological sites
  • Respect the needs of landowners, farmers and forestry
  • Arrange contingency cover
  • Brief entrants thoroughly

The usual 500 entrants limit will apply. The LDWA policy provides the necessary insurance cover. Other points in the Code of Practice become more relevant later.

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