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Held on Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 7.30pm via Zoom


·         Karen Pickersgill (Chair)

·         Ralph Warman

·         Tim Rollett

·         Julia Warman

·         Bryan Wiseman

·         Lesley Peel

·         Ian Dyer

·         Sue Manley

·         Iain Haigh

·         Randal Metzeger

·         Linda Kilroy

·         Bernard Thornton

·         Chris Burrell

·         Robert Cope


Karen Pickersgill welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming.

  1. Apologies for absence
  • Judi Webster
  • John Sparshatt


  1. Minutes of the 2019 AGM

These were agreed. Proposer: Ian Dyer. Seconder: Sue Manley


  1. Chair’s Report

Karen reported that, in terms of our programme of activities, it had been a very different year to previous years due to Covid-19. Currently, all social walks and events are unfortunately suspended but it is hoped that, with the roll out of the vaccine, these will be resumed in the near future. It was acknowledged in the report that several virtual events had been run by the NEC throughout 2020 and that these had been popular, motivating and fun for members.

Special thanks were given to Ralph (Secretary) for his ongoing hard work and commitment to the group, and to Ian Dyer for his much valued contribution to the committee over the past 6 years.


  1. Secretary’s Report

Ralph thanked all the committee for their support and input to running the group during what has been a challenging year for the group. He reported that the size of the committee was reduced by 1 following the resignation of Madeleine Watson in October. Ralph highlighted that Tim attended the Local Groups Weekend on behalf of the group in November.

He made the point that committee meetings, which are normally held at the Brown Cow in Bingley, are open to all members of the West Yorkshire Group and encouraged members to come along and contribute their views and ideas for taking the group forward. The details of the committee meetings can be found in the Group News section of Strider under West Yorkshire and they will be posted on the website going forward.


  1. Treasurer’s/ Financial Report

Tim presented the overall accounts for the year and explained that, due to the impact of Covid-19, the group had seen little financial activity during 2020. He reported that due to a recent take over, and rebranding of the Yorkshire Bank, the group now banks with Virgin Money. He concluded by stating that the group has started 2021 with a stable balance sheet.


  1. Social Secretary’s Report

Lesley compared the level of social events in 2020 to that in 2019 and reinforced the impact of Covid-19, and the subsequent lockdowns, on the social events programme last year. She made the point that the members had missed the events – particularly at Christmas.


  1. Walk’s Secretary Report

Julia confirmed that the Covid-19 restrictions had resulted in a very limited walks programme during the course of 2020 but highlighted that, when the restrictions were lifted, our walk leaders had risen to the challenge and volunteered to lead walks very quickly. Julia acknowledged that, as a group, we are fortunate to have a lot of members who are willing to lead walks in a range of different local areas. She expressed her confidence that when social walks can start again we will be able to, quickly, establish and run a full and varied walks programme for our members.


  1. IT Web Report

Bryan reported that, as a result of the limited activity across the group, content on the website has been relatively limited. The point was made that any walk reports/ photographs from members who are out walking on their own would be very welcome and can be included on the website.


The North Yorkshire Group have developed a local walks database (route descriptions/ GPS Files) via their website and further work will be done on this within the West Yorkshire Group. The point was made that our Facebook page provides an additional platform to share photographs and information about walks.


Details of the second edition of the Welcome Way, which will be published in 4-6 weeks, will be featured on the website. 


  1. Election of Officers

The following people were elected (all unanimously)






Karen Pickersgill

Iain Haigh

Julia Warman


Ralph Warman

Sue Manley

Tim Rollett


Tim Rollett

Ralph Warman

Iain Haigh

Walks Secretary

Julia Warman

Ian Dyer

Karen Pickersgill

Web Master

Bryan Wiseman

Karen Pickersgill

Iain Haigh

Social Secretary

Lesley Peel

Sue Manley

Bryan Wiseman

Committee member

Iain Haigh

Ian Dyer

Karen Pickersgill

Committee member

Sue Manley

Tim Rollett

Karen Pickersgill


The point was made that if any members are interested in joining the committee of the West Yorkshire Group, or more actively supporting, to contact Ralph Warman.


  1. AOB


 The editor of Strider would like to receive relevant articles and photographs (past and present walks/ events/ challenges/ trips etc) from members for inclusion in the magazine – both the next edition and subsequent editions. The deadline for articles for the next edition is 18th February 2021. The West Yorkshire Group will submit an article about the new version of the Welcome Way and approach Abi MacDonald about producing an input covering her 100 mile charity walk last September.

In view of the fact that the social walks and challenge events programmes are currently suspended until further notice it was suggested that we organise and run a virtual or an Anytime Anywhere event. This would be a way to keep members involved, motivated, fit and possibly raise some money for the IT Development Fund. Chris Burrell will develop a proposal to do this, seek feedback from the committee and attend the 3rd February committee meeting where a decision will be made. 



 Feedback from the Local Groups Representatives Weekend, which took place in November 2020, was requested. The output from the weekend will be shared with the committee as soon as the notes are available.



2022 marks the 50th Anniversary of the LDWA – an important milestone for the organisation. It was agreed that the West Yorkshire Group will start exploring ways in which the anniversary can be celebrated and how we can use the opportunity to raise our profile locally. A discussion of ideas will take place at the committee meeting on 3rd February and a plan developed.


The meeting closed at 8.40pm.