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Minutes of West Yorkshire LDWA


held on

Wednesday 11 October 2018 at 7:30pm

The Black Horse Hotel, Otley


In Attendance :

Ian Dyer – Chairman

Lesley Peel – Social Secretary

Karen Pickersgill – Committee Member

Tim Rollett – Treasurer

Julia Warman – Walks Secretary

Ralph Warman – Secretary

Bryan Wiseman – Web Master


Mike Askey – Ordinary Member

Iain Haigh – Ordinary Member

Graham Lightowler – Ordinary Member

Sue Manley – Ordinary Member

Randal Metzger – Ordinary Member

Jenny Shepherd – Ordinary Member

Madeleine Watson – Ordinary Member (and Secretary of National LDWA Committee)

Judi Webster – Ordinary Member



Abi MacDonald

Warren Yabsley


A register of attendees was taken and signed by all.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Abi MacDonald and Warren Yabsley.

  1. Minutes of Previous AGM

Ralph passed round copies of last year’s minutes.  It was confirmed they were a true and accurate record of last year’s AGM.   Proposer – Tim Rollett; Seconder – Ian Dyer.

  1. Chair’s Report – Ian Dyer
  • Ian thanked Ralph and the Committee for all their hard work over the last 12 months.
  • It had been a very successful year – and we had maintained a very full walks programme.
  • The Finances were in a good position.
  • We are going to man a CP again on the 100 – this time for the Hadrians Hundred – at Garrigill (together with Lakeland Group). Anyone wishing to marshal on the CP please contact Ian.



  1. Secretary’s Report – Ralph Warman
  • Has completed his 4th term in office, when asked to take on the role said he would do so with the backing of a committee.  A committee of 7 was duly elected.  We lost 2 members on the way, Ian Slinger sadly no longer with us and Bob Clarke stepping down after 3 years.  A further 2 recruitments were made, Julia Warman, then Greenwood and Lesley Peel.
  • Would like to thank the committee not just for the last 12 months but for the last 4 years.
  • We are now benefitting from the work and efforts put in over the last 4 years, we are a caring, accommodating, popular and respected group in the LDWA organisation.
  • We continue to provide a good and varied social walks programme throughout the year
  • Last year’s statistics were
    • 30 walks, 15 different leaders, 633 miles walked, attracting a total of 534 walkers
  • The Christmas meal was held at the Herriots Hotel in Skipton, this year’s venue is at the Chevin End pub just above Otley
  • The group had 22 successful completions in the 100 event held in Dover and is committed to check pointing on next year’s Hadrians 100 along with the Lakeland group.
  • We had a very successful Gargrave event last month. Record entries 138 and pleased to say a record number of 17 marshals on board.
  • Social Secretary Lesley Peel has got things under way this year and our first weekend away is this Saturday in Northumberland.  Lesley is also looking at none walking activities.
  • So a big thank you to all and here’s to another successful year.


  1. Treasurer’s Report – Tim Rollett

Tim circulated copies of the accounts for the Group.  Most of our income comes from the Gargrave event.  Present balance stands at £2,789.75.

  1. IT Web Report – Bryan Wiseman


  • Has created a space for social events – but would endeavour to make this clearer on the website.
  • If anyone has any suggestions/improvements for the website, to liaise with Bryan.


  1. Social Secretary’s Report – Lesley Peel


  • 1st year of office. This has been a time of experiment.  Agreed with committee what we are going to do – first event being weekend away to Northumberland, which is fully booked, with 2 walks planned to be led by Dennis Walker.
  • Also looking at pure social events – trip to the Dogs planned 17 November 2018. Also considering trip to cinema, 10 pin bowling etc.
  • Decision made to put social events on Walks Programme.
  • We have also looked at embracing contact with other groups and over the last weekend in March 2019 the South Wales Group will be joining us in Skipton.
  • We are also looking at 2/3 day walk – possibly the Limestone Way in 2019 – open to all, not just West Yorkshire members. People to organise their own accommodation once details confirmed.
  • Trip to be planned at the end of June 2019 to do the Malvern Midsummer Marathon and stay overnight.
  • Any ideas for social events – to be passed to Lesley.


  1. Walk’s Secretary’s Report – Julia Warman
  • A thank you to all of our leaders
  • Pleased to see new leaders coming forward
  • For the next programme planning not to have as many walks as previously enabling the Group to walk with other groups and attend more challenge events. In the last programme there were 5 Saturdays in one month and we had walks on each Saturday – which was an enviable position to be in but quite tying.
  • Appreciative of all the responses received when asking for walk leaders – always receive a good response. Also fortunate we have leaders from outside of West Yorkshire eg Karen Nash (Calderdale).
  • Would still welcome new leaders from those who walk with us regularly – and happy to recce any walks with them if they wish.


  1. One Foot in the Gargrave Event
  • Very successful event this year. Food is renown (thanks to Judi)
  • Need to look at changing entry form – consider discounts for LDWA members; emergency contact number needs to go on; as does special dietary requirements. Also on SI entries to put on a disclaimer if anyone under 16 enters they need to be accompanied by an adult.  CP closure times to go on entry details.
  • Ensure a GPX file is uploaded to the event website.
  • Bryan to redesign the entry form.
  • No Mug no Drink !
  • We attract a lot of runners but this does make catering easier – steady flow of people at the finish.


  1. Election of Officers

Chair             -              Karen Pickersgill

Proposed by Julia Warman                  Seconded by Ian Dyer

All in favour


Secretary     -              Ralph Warman

Proposed by Ian Dyer                            Seconded by Bryan Wiseman

All in favour


Treasurer    -              Tim Rollett

Proposed by Ralph Warman                                Seconded by Lesley Peel

All in favour


Walks Secretary -    Julia Warman

Proposed by Tim Rollett                        Seconded by Karen Pickersgill

All in favour


Web Master -            Bryan Wiseman

Proposed by Ian Dyer                            Seconded by Sue Manley

All in favour


Social Secretary -     Lesley Peel

Proposed by Iain Haigh                          Seconded by Bryan Wiseman

All in favour


General -                     Ian Dyer

Proposed by Karen Pickersgill             Seconded by Ralph Warman

All in favour


General -                     Madeleine Watson

Proposed by Julia Warman                  Seconded by Karen Pickersgill

All in favour


General -                     Sue Manley

Proposed by Lesley Peel                       Seconded by Iain Haigh

All in favour



  1. AOB


  • Local Reps meeting - Tim is attending the Local Reps meeting on 17/18 November. Speak to Tim if there is anything you wish him to raise.


  • Donations – We collected £50 on the Gargrave event for tea, coffee and cakes for donations towards Wharfedale Fell Rescue team. It was discussed at the AGM that the Club would match this and make a donation to the Rescue team of £100.


  • Committee Meetings – Ralph would like the committee meetings to be open to all members – future dates and details to be put in the walks programme. Minutes of these meetings to go on our website and email to be sent to all members to notify them minutes are on the website


  • Walkers Fayre Otley – 18 November 2018. Randal Metzger asked if we were able to man a stand at this fayre, unfortunately this clashed with other events and we were unable to provide representatives.  Randal confirmed John Sparshatt would be happy to promote the LDWA at this fayre and Madeleine would provide John with plenty of PR materials.


  • First Aid Course – this was raised by Iain Haigh and something for the committee to consider at their next meeting. Look at arranging some first aid training for regular members of the Group.


  • Polo Shirts – Madeleine asked if we had any spare polo shirts – and whether there was an appetite for promoting these. We found that most of our members only wore these at specific events eg checkpointing.  We would advertise on the website and see what feedback we received.


  • 50 mile event – Madeleine still keen to organise a 50 mile event, possibly with 3 loops, so just one village hall/school required. To be discussed at the next committee meeting.


  • No Mug – No Drink – this was raised by Graham. In order to ensure everyone has a mug on our event, give these out at registration of the Gargrave event (rather than at the finish).  Great promotional idea and we will look into the costings and suppliers.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:55pm