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Minutes of West Yorkshire LDWA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on Wednesday 21 September 2016 at 7:30pm The Black Horse Hotel, Otley

 In Attendance :

 Ian Dyer – Chairman

 Tim Rollett – Committee Member

 Ralph Warman – Secretary & Treasurer

 Bryan Wiseman – Walks Secretary & Web Master

 Julia Greenwood – Ordinary Member

 Randal Metzger – Ordinary Member

 Gill Myers – Ordinary Member

 John Sparshatt – Ordinary Member

 Bernard Thornton – Ordinary Member

 Madeleine Watson – Ordinary Member

 Judi Webster – Ordinary Member



 Karen Pickersgill – Committee Member


A register of attendees was taken and signed by all.


  1. Apologies for Absence


Apologies were received from Karen Pickersgill – unable to attend due to holiday commitments.


  1. Minutes of Previous AGM

 Ralph stated that there were no minutes from last year’s AGM as the AGM merely consisted of election of officers (of which a record had been made)


  1. Chair’s Report

 Ian thanked Ralph for all his hard work over the last 12 months and added that he had been the driving force behind the Group.

 The Club had continued to carry out a full programme of walks over the last 12 months attended by 12-20 walkers.

 New walk leaders were coming through with new ideas.

 Overall it had been a good year.


  1. Secretary’s Report


“All 7 committee members were re-elected at last year’s AGM for a second year in office.  Sadly we lost one, Ian Slinger lost his fight against cancer and passed away on 11 January this year.

 Committee meetings were held in January, May and September here in the Black Horse Hotel to discuss and plan the group’s future activities.

 The group has continued to lead a good selection of social walks throughout the year which have attracted a good number of walkers from West Yorks and other groups.

 The Christmas lunch walk was once again held in Skipton at the Herriotts Hotel with 25 in attendance.

 In May a group of 10 made the long trip down to Dorset to man the baggage CP on the Dorset 100 in Beaminster, club polo shirts were purchased to wear and promote the group.

 To celebrate the group’s 40th anniversary a weekend away was held in Settle, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks were walked on the Saturday with celebrations continuing in the evening with a meal at the Golden Lion.  A 16 mile walk led by Ian Dyer was done on the Sunday from Settle to continue the celebrations and make up the 40 miles.

 I would like to thank the Committee for their input throughout the year and look forward to their re-election in order to continue the future success of the group.”


Ralph stated that the group was an ageing group and would love to encourage new/younger members.  Overall there are 300 members in the LDWA whose primary group is West Yorkshire but obviously we get nowhere near these numbers on group activities.

 Some members just retain their membership to support the LDWA and Strider itself is worth the membership/keeps you in touch.

 Going forward, Randal suggested perhaps have someone to come and talk at future AGMs, on a walking theme/slide show etc.



  1. Treasurer’s Report

 Ralph circulated copies of the accounts for the Group.

 The accounts showed that we had 2 Current Accounts and 1 Capital Account – all of which accrued very minor interest.  Ralph had been into the bank and it had been suggested that these accounts be consolidated into one account.  The attendees at the AGM confirmed this would make sense.  Ralph to organise.

 Ian proposed that the accounts were all in order and this was seconded by Tim Rollett.

 Ralph mentioned the T-shirt sales, Randal was unaware T-shirts were available and asked if an email could be circulated to promote the T-shirts (£11 each).



  1. Election of Officers

 Chair – Ian Dyer.                              

 Proposed by Ralph Warman.      Seconded by Tim Rollett.

 All in favour


Secretary – Ralph Warman.        

 Proposed by Ian Dyer.                   Seconded by Tim Rollett.

 All in favour


Treasurer – Tim Rollett.    

 Proposed by Randal Metzger.    Seconded by Julia Greenwood.

 All in favour.


Walks Secretary – Bryan Wiseman.

 Proposed by Judi Webster.         Seconded by Madeleine Watson.

 All in favour.


WebMaster – Bryan Wiseman.

 Proposed by Ian Dyer.                   Seconded by Ralph Warman.

 All in favour.


PR/Marketing Committee Member – Julia Greenwood

 Proposed by Ralph Warman.      Seconded by Judi Webster.

 All in favour.


General Committee Member – Karen Pickersgill

 Proposed by Ian Dyer.                   Seconded by Ralph Warman.

 All in favour.


General Committee Member – Bob Clarke (Bob was not in attendance at the AGM but as we had not heard anything to the contrary, we put his name forward to be re-elected.

 Proposed by John Sparshatt.      Seconded by Ralph Warman.

 [After the meeting Ralph telephoned Bob, Bob informed Ralph that he did not wish to stand for re-election so Bob Clarke will NOT now be a Committee member.    Ralph thanked Bob for the work he had done on the committee over the last 2 years)



  1. Gargrave Report

 We had 98 entries this year – the numbers were disappointingly down again.

 SI Entries- were the same as last year, but postal entries were down. 

 The event clashes with the Holme Valley Circular and it was discussed if we should move the time of our event.  However, with the Bullock Smithy being on 1 September and the new Red Rose 50 being on 16 September, it was agreed to leave the Gargrave as it was, being 9 September 2017.



  1. AOB


Future AGMs :  Ralph proposed that we move the AGM to October next year, as September was a busy month with organising the Gargrave event, finalising the walks programme for Strider and also all the accounts would be finalised for Gargrave by October.  It was agreed that we move the date of the AGM to October.


CP on NY 100 – we are sharing this Checkpoint with the Lakeland Group, positioned at 85 miles.  Ian Dyer is the co-ordinator for West Yorkshire and Nicky Wood for Lakeland. 

 Madeleine confirmed she was happy to assist


PR/Publicity – John Sparshatt said we would should post more not only on West Yorks website, but also on LDWA West Yorks Facebook and the National LDWA Facebook pages.  Julia stated she had put a reminder for the Gargrave event on the National LDWA Facebook but would put on further information re the Group on these pages.




The meeting concluded at 8:30pm



Ralph Warman – Secretary, West Yorkshire LDWA.