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Minutes of West Yorkshire LDWA AGM held on Wednesday 13 October 2021 at 7:30pm at the Brown Cow, Bingley

In Attendance
Iain Haigh
Sue Manley
Chris Burrell
Tim Rollett
Julia Warman
Ralph Warman
Karen Pickersgill
Lesley Peel
Warren Yabsley
Andy Hicks
Madeleine Watson
Judi Webster

Randal Metzeger
John Pickersgill
Bryan Wiseman

Before the meeting Karen summarised that the AGM would be a reflection on what had happened in 2021 and thereafter looking forward to 2022.

All the relevant reports had been made available to everyone to read in advance of AGM.

Looking at today’s attendance one of our challenges is to encourage more members to attend the AGM.

Karen asked if there were any items to be added to AOB so she could manage accordingly.

Ralph Warman confirmed he had an item to discuss – “thoughts for the future.”

Andy Hicks confirmed he had an item to discuss – John Stirk – obituary for Strider

1. Apologies for Absence.
Received – as per above

2. Minutes of Previous AGM – held in January 2021.
Passed as a true accurate record. Proposer – Sue. Seconder - Lesley.
Matters Arising – Welcome Way – new updated book to feature in Strider – ACTION – Ralph/Randal/John Sparshatt

3. Chair’s Report – Karen Pickersgill.
Acknowledged 2021 had been a difficult/different year. Our committee had rallied and rose to the challenge. Lots of different activities arranged – e.g. virtual challenges.
Social walks started again in April and we were inundated with walk leaders and were able to put on a full varied programme (to the envy of other groups).
Thanks to all our walks leaders.
2021 – Virtual 100. 22 people in the West Yorkshire Group completed their own challenge – congratulations to all of them. Lots of members involved in helping on 100 events.
Highlight – Thursday walks organised by Kevin Hudson & Trevor Wardman. Lot of time and effort has gone in to planning these walks, lots of research from a history perspective and super cafes! Kevin has offered to put these on again next year. These are different kinds of walks from what is already on our programme. Kevin also provides excellent reports – available on our website.
2022 - main highlight – 50th Anniversary provides all local groups the chance to raise their profile. Lots of things in the Pipeline. For West Yorkshire – April 23/24 – joint walk with North Yorkshire – Nidderdale Way; May 22 – Treasure Hunt – Shibden Park; June 18 – 50k walk. This date is an opportunity for all groups to lead a walk – mass walk across the whole of the LDWA Groups.
Big thank you to all of our committee; walk leaders and volunteers.
Thanks to Bryan, who has been a committee member for a long time. Is now stepping down due to work commitments and is not as active a member as he would like.
Thanks to Chris – great addition to the Committee.
Thanks to Julia – massive contribution to the group with the walks programme together with busy role on the NEC and has also had to overcome a lot of personal issues.
Thanks to Ralph – for his support and commitment – Ralph really cares about the Group.

4. Secretary’s Report – Ralph Warman.
Acknowledged the outstanding work the NEC has done during the Covid pandemic; members just don’t realise how much goes on. As married to Julia, is aware every Monday night for months and months the NEC met to get us through the pandemic. Both Karen and Julia on the NEC – work hard and have also done the same at group level.
Massive thanks to Karen – 3 years in office – has been a demanding role with everything that has been going on.
Thanks to Julia who has carried on with her roles despite personal issues.
Thanks to Chris – great recruit. The virtual challenge back in March had been very successful and the free buffs went down very well.
Gargrave event not run this year so Chris came up with idea of Ulfkil virtual challenge – great success.
Thanks to everyone on the Committee for all their hard work and commitment.

5. Treasurer’s/Financial Report – Tim Rollett.
Fairly quiet year – our main income comes from Gargrave – didn’t happen this year.
The Ulfkil Stride Virtual event generated £382.06; after expenditure on buffs and postage there is now £2,200 in pot.
First Aid Course to pay for later in the event.
Confirmed we can now do bank transfers straight into our account.

6. Social Secretary’s Report – Lesley Peel.
Has been difficult to arrange social events over last year.
Last weekend away was Scarborough 2019.
Going forward for future weekends away responsibility of individuals to book their own accommodation.
Looking again at choosing a challenge event in a different walking area we can enter – nice to get this on the calendar for 2022. ACTION – LESLEY.
Would be great to have a Summer meal as well as a Christmas meal. Suggestions to Lesley. ACTION – ALL.

7. Walk’s Secretary Report – Julia Warman.
Present programme – Jan to April 2022 full – so great start to the new year.
Highlight for 2021 – Virtual 100 –great collaboration of West Yorkshire/South Pennine/Cumbrian and East Lancs’ members. Congratulations to everyone who completed the event and thanks to all the helpers.
Thanks to all our walk leaders and great to see new walker leaders for us this year including John Phillips, Adrian Gosling and Christine Stratton.

8. Election of Officers
Chair – Position Vacant. Nomination – Ralph Warman. Proposer – Chris Burrell .Seconder - Tim Rollett.

Secretary – Position Vacant. Nomination – Chris Burrell. Proposer – Iain Haigh. Seconder – Julia Warman.

Treasurer - Nomination – Tim Rollett .Proposer – Sue Manley. Seconder – Ralph Warman.

Walks Secretary Nomination – Julia Warman. Proposer – Judi Webster. Seconder – Tim Rollett.

Social Secretary Nomination – Lesley Peel. Proposer - Iain Haigh. Seconder – Ralph Warman.

Ordinary Committee Member Nomination – Sue Manley. Proposer – Tim Rollett. Seconder – Lesley Peel.

Ordinary Committee Member Nomination – Iain Haigh. Proposer – Lesley Peel. Seconder – Sue Manley.

Ordinary Committee Member Nomination – Karen Pickersgill. Proposer – Lesley Peel. Seconder – Iain Haigh.

Webmaster - Tom Wood has been approached – happy to take on the role. Wouldn’t want to be on committee. All were in favour of Tom taking on role.

9. AOB.
Ralph – “Thoughts for the Future”.
The local groups are the backbone of the LDWA. We have already lost Cleveland Group and the Isle of Wight Groups. There are also 2 or 3 other groups that are struggling, unable to appoint committee members or attract walk leaders.
Despite having 400 members the fragility of the West Yorkshire Group needs to be addressed or we could be the next casualty. We need to look at what we are doing wrong; how we can get commitment from other members; get more people involved; identifying people – approach them/flatter them – work on them! ACTION - ALL.
Sue suggested sending out a flyer with questions on to all our members. ACTION – SUE. Encourage members to help out on TP 100 – give them the re-assurance you will receive help when helping out on CPs. ACTION - ALL.
Look at putting on more challenge events? ACTION - ALL.
Look at putting flyer in walking shops/librarieswith bare details of our walks and asking them to look at our website for further details. ACTION – JULIA/LESLEY/IAIN.
Monthly newsletter – walks that have happened; walks that are coming up. ACTION -CHRIS.
Letter from Chair. ACTION –CHRIS/RALPH.
Andy wished to read out an obituary for John Stirk, former Chair of West Yorkshire LDWA – to be included in Strider. Obituary read out and agreed by all for inclusion.

Meeting ended at 9:25pm