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Minutes of West Yorkshire LDWA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING held on Wednesday 18 October 2017 at 7:30pm The Black Horse Hotel, Otley.


In Attendance :

Ian Dyer – Chairman

Julia Greenwood – Committee Member

Karen Pickersgill – Committee Member

Tim Rollett – Treasurer

Ralph Warman – Secretary

Bryan Wiseman – Walks Secretary & Web Master


Graham Lightowler – Ordinary Member

Randal Metzger – Ordinary Member

Gill Myers – Ordinary Member

Lesley Peel – Ordinary Member

Madeleine Watson – Ordinary Member (and Secretary of National LDWA Committee)

Judi Webster – Ordinary Member



Bob Clarke

John Sparshatt


A register of attendees was taken and signed by all.


Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Bob Clarke and John Sparshatt


Minutes of Previous AGM

Ralph passed round copies of last year’s minutes.  It was confirmed there were a true and accurate record of last year’s AGM : Proposer – Ian Dyer; Seconder – Randal Metzger


Chair’s Report – Ian Dyer

Ian thanked Ralph and the Committee for all their hard work over the last 12 months.

New walk leaders were being added to the walks programme. Ian had pulled some figures together regarding walks over the last 12 months (these were then elaborated upon in Ralph’s report).

Thanked the members and the Committee for maintenance of the website and for their help and assistance on the One Foot in the Gargrave event.

Ian also remarked that West Yorks were probably the only group this year that had had a proposal of marriage on one of their walks !


Secretary’s Report – Ralph Warman

Ralph thanked the committee for their work over the last 12 months, he also thanked Bob Clarke who had lead a number of walks for the Group previously.

It has been another successful year and we must be doing something right. 33 social walks led by 15 different leaders (of whom 6 were new leaders); amounting to 714 miles walked and attracting 518 walkers.

We like to think of ourselves as a caring and accommodating group and look forward to encouraging more walk leaders and walkers on our walks.

We have continued to hold committee meetings every 3 months, mainly to discuss and bring together the walks programme.

Last year’s Christmas meal was held at the Herriots Hotel in Skipton and will be held there again this year, however for AOB perhaps consider looking at other venues for the future.

In May the Group ran CP14 at Lockton along with members of the Lakeland Group on the NY Moors 100 event.  Ralph thanked in particular Ian Dyer for organising, together with Bryan Wiseman, Tom Wood, Madeleine Watson, Karen Pickersgill and Frances Crosland for their hardwork on the CP – which had been a success.
On the NYM100 W Yorks had 11 of our members complete the event.  Special congratulations to Jane Parry, Lesley Peel and Vera Ostojic on their first 100 completions.  The highest number of entrants for this event came from West Yorkshire ie 29.

Tim has been getting involved at National level, attending the local groups weekend last year and will be attending this year’s weekend in Hawes over the weekend of 10-12 November 2017 as our representative.

We are also joined at our AGM today by our member Madeleine Watson who is also the National Secretary for the LDWA.

John Sparshatt and Randal Metzger led the Welcome Way in 2 parts over the summer which was a great success and we even got our photo in the local paper. The group donated £300 towards the Welcome Way for the provision of boards/bridges in particularly boggy sections of the route.

Earlier in the year Iain Connell had contacted the group and asked if we would like to host a 50 mile route he had devised around Airedale. After discussion at the committee meeting it was considered we did not have sufficient resources to cover this type of event and Ralph contacted Iain to inform him accordingly, and Iain understood.

The One Foot in the Gargrave event was held in September and was very successful. Thanks to everyone for their involvement, but particularly very special thanks to Judi Webster acting as our catering manager. She kept the cost to a minimum without anyone going hungry !

Once again many thanks to all the committee and hope you are all up for re-election.


Treasurer’s Report – Tim Rollett

Tim circulated copies of the accounts for the Group.

The main issues that had occurred over the last 12 months was that we had merged all 3 accounts into one account. The overall total in our account was slightly less this year due to the £300 we had donated to the Welcome Way.

Randal Metzger proposed that the accounts were in order and Ian Dyer seconded.


Election of Officers


Chair - Ian Dyer

Proposed by Ralph Warman. Seconded by Bryan Wiseman.

All in favour


Secretary - Ralph Warman

Proposed by Judi Webster. Seconded by Ian Dyer.

All in favour


Treasurer - Tim Rollett

Proposed by Julia Greenwood. Seconded by Ian Dyer.

All in favour


Walks Secretary - Julia Greenwood

Proposed by Ian Dyer. Seconded by Tim Rollett.

All in favour


Web Master - Bryan Wiseman

Proposed by Karen Pickersgill. Seconded by Judi Webster.

All in favour


General - Lesley Peel

Proposed by Ralph Warman. Seconded by Tim Rollett.

All in favour


General - Karen Pickersgill

Proposed by Julia Greenwood. Seconded by Madeleine Watson.

All in favour



Gargrave Report – Bryan Wiseman


Bryan circulated a list of numbers of entrants we had received over the last 4 years and breaking the figures down into gender; runners; walkers etc. Postal Entries had dropped considerably and the majority of entrants were using Sportident. However, the total cost we had to pay Sportident was only £49.20 which was less than Bryan had anticipated and was good value for money.

We receive generally around 100 entrants for the event and wonder why this is? Madeleine explained there were a lot of other events on over this particular weekend. The Gargrave to be discussed in more detail under AOB.




New venue for committee meetings? – Ralph confirmed that the present venue ie the Black Horse Hotel wasn’t as busy in the week and some nights they were closed. Asked everyone to think about alternative venues. Action - ALL

Gargrave Event – the Gargrave Village Hall doesn’t have availability to host our event on the weekend of 8/9 September 2018, alternative dates available were either 1st or 16th.  A discussion took place and Madeleine looked at other events taking place over September and it was decided if we could get the hall for either 22nd or 29th September we would go with that date.  Action – Ralph – who has now booked and confirmed Saturday 22 September 2018 as the date for next year’s event.

On the back of this it was agreed to send an email to ALL members of West Yorks asking them to save the date and send out a plea for help; thereafter to send out another email nearer the time asking what people would like to do on the event (ie Checkpointing, kitchen etc).  Action – Julia/Ralph

In the past we have donated money to Wharfedale Mountain Rescue from the money we make on the Gargrave Event. Ralph proposed we donate £50 this year, all agreed. Action – Tim (Ralph to supply contact details to send the cheque to)

Christmas Dinner 2018 – we have exhausted Herriots now and it would be nice to look at alternative venues.  Ralph asked everyone to have a think, suggestions raised were the Royalty; the Chevin. Action – ALL

Randal had previously organised a night walk for the Group and he had been approached by people asking if his was something he would put on again. Randal asked if the Group would be interested in him leading a night walk next summer? The Group confirmed they were keen on this idea. Action – Julia to contact Randal with available dates in the May – September 2018 programme

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8:35pm.