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WEST YORKSHIRE LDWA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Held on Wednesday 16th October, 2019 at 7.30pm at The Brown Cow, Bingley

Karen Pickersgill (chair),
Jackie Cooper,
Ian Dyer,
Iain Haigh,
Alan Greenwood,
Roger Mahony,
Sue Manley,
Lesley Peel,
Tim Rollett,
Hazel Storozuk,
Nicholas Storozuk,
Julia Warman,
Ralph Warman,
Madeleine Watson,
Judi Webster,
Bryan Wiseman.

Karen Pickersgill welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming.

1. Apologies for absence

2. Minutes of the 2018 AGM
These were agreed. Proposer: Ian Dyer. Seconder: Hazel Storozuk.

Karen reported that the First Aid Course has been arranged for Friday 29th November in Manchester. Places had been offered to other local groups, but there may be some places left if anyone else was interested. The group would pay for the cost of the course.

3. Chair’s report
Karen reported that it had been a very busy year with a full walks programme, 3 weekends away, South Wales exchange weekend, marshalling at Garrigill checkpoint on Hadrian’s 100, successful “One Foot in the Gargrave” challenge event. She thanked all the committee members for their input, and others not on the committee (such as Judi and Tom).

4. Secretary’s report
Ralph reported that the committee had grown to 9 members and the meetings are now held at a new venue of the Brown Cow in Bingley. The committee have 2 members who are also on the National Executive Committee, and have a regular representative attending the Local Groups weekend. In December, the group held its Christmas dinner and walk at the Chevin End pub just outside Menston. The South Wales exchange weekend at the end of March consisted of 2 different walks on the Saturday (The 3 Peaks of Yorkshire and One Foot in the Gargrave), followed by drinks and supper at the Narrow Boat in Skipton. A shorter walk was held on the Sunday from Embsay. During May, the group was involved in Hadrian’s 100. Special congratulations to Karen Pickersgill completing her first and Julia Warman her 20th. In September, our challenge event “One Foot in the Gargrave” was held. Thanks to everyone who was involved, in particular Judi and her new deputy Hazel, for the catering.

5. Treasurer’s financial report
Tim presented the overall accounts for the year and more detailed accounts for One Foot in the Gargrave. The challenge event showed a healthy surplus, even after spending money on equipment (sides for the gazebo), mugs (given to all entrants and marshals) and a new batch of certificates.

6. Social Secretary’s report
Lesley outlined three weekends away: challenge event Malvern Marathon in June (everyone made their own travel and accommodation arrangements), Scarborough in October (was going to be taking at a hotel but numbers weren’t sufficient so that was cancelled and everyone made separate arrangements), and walking The Nidderdale Way over 2 days. The Christmas dinner for 2019 will be held at the Swan Hotel in Carlton, with a 12 mile walk beforehand.

7. Walk’s secretary report
Julia thanked everyone who had led a walk over the year. There is a varied programme, including new Tuesday walks. There were 39 walks (30 previous year), 16 different leaders (15), 830 miles walked (633), 562 walkers (534).

8. IT web report
Bryan reported that things were ticking along nicely. He wondered if the front page should be updated. Madeleine reported that the local groups pages were in the process of being updated in line with the main LDWA website upgrade, so it would be worth waiting to see what that was like first.

9. One Foot in the Gargrave
Ralph thanked everyone who had helped on the event. There was an issue with gates being left open. Bryan had visited the farmer and it had been resolved.

10. Election of Officers
The following people were elected (all unanimously):

Position Name Proposer Seconder
Chair Karen Pickersgill  Ian Dyer Ralph Warman
Secretary Ralph Warman Hazel Storozuk  Sue Manley
Treasurer Tim Rollett Ralph Warman Bryan Wiseman
Walks Secretary Julia Warman Tim Rollett Iain Haigh
Web Master Bryan Wiseman Julia Warman Karen Pickersgill
Social Secretary Lesley Peel Sue Manley Jackie Cooper
Committee member Ian Dyer Ralph Warman Iain Haigh
Committee member Iain Haigh Ian Dyer Judi Webster
Committee member Sue Manley Ian Dyer Jackie Cooper
Committee member Madeleine Watson Jackie Cooper Sue Manley


11. AOB
Tim was attending the Local Groups weekend in November. If anyone had anything which they would like raised, they should let Tim know.
Tim had already raised the issue about the number of no shows on challenge events which were over-subscribed. Jackie asked him to raise how groups that have social walks every weekend could be helping other groups or National initiatives.
Ralph also mentioned that West Yorkshire committee meetings were open to all members to attend. They would be included in Strider and the walks programme.
Julia, with membership secretary hat on, issued a plea to encourage non-members to join the LDWA.
Lesley noted for the weekend away last year the accommodation was a bunk barn. This year it was mainly hotels. She asked if there was any preference. Committee members would discuss at the next meeting (to be held on 8th January 2020).
Madeleine gave an update on the Roundhay 50. She had asked the committee to support it as a West Yorkshire event, and was disappointed that they had not agreed to do that. She was very grateful for the offer to run one of the checkpoints.
Karen asked about Christmas meal subsidy. It was agreed that committee members would get full subsidy, and any other members who had helped on One Foot in the Gargrave would get £10 subsidy.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.