Walk Reports - 2011

Totals for year:
Walks - 28
Miles - 614
Walkers - 379
Walk Leaders - 8


Ilkley. Saturday January 8th 2011. Distance 18 miles. 17 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Walked around Ilkley Moor.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Marsden. Tuesday January 25th 2011. Distance 20 miles. 16 walkers. Leader - John Phillips.

Wessenden Moor, Black Hill & Standedge. Sixteen turned out for the Bog Dodgers from Marsden, with a cross-section of groups represented. An added bonus of four extra miles was ably led by John Phillips, and thanks go to John for leading his first walk for the West Yorks group. The weather turned somewhat foul with rain and mist restricting what would have been extensive views.


Cononley. Saturday February 12th 2011. Distance 20 miles. 30 walkers. Leader - Ian Slinger.

Taking in Keighley moor, Wainmans Pinnacle, Lunds Tower and the Hitching Stone.
After a rather dull morning it turned out to be a bright sunny afternoon.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Cononley. Tuesday February 22nd 2011. Distance 20 miles. 10 walkers. Leader - Ian Slinger.


Grassington. Saturday March 12th 2011. Distance 24 miles. 23 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

We had 23 on the Trollers Trot. A good day was had by all only marred by a couple of hours of rain at the finish. Various groups were represented and I hope to run the walk again next year but doing the original route ? Watch this space !!!

Photos by Tom Wood.


Grassington. Tuesday March 22nd 2011. Distance 20 miles. 15 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

We had 15 on the Calendar girls walk with two new people joining us for the first time. A glorious sunny day and route was enjoyed by all. Seems Tuesday walks are becoming increasingly popular?

Photos by ?


Menston. Saturday April 9th 2011. Distance 24 miles. 21 walkers. Leader - Rebecca Chesmore.

A glorious day greeted 21 walkers from various groups. An enjoyable route ably led by Rebecca making her debut as walk leader. Thanks Rebecca, more of the same ?

Photos by Tom Wood.


Hebden Bridge. Tuesday April 26th 2011. Distance 20 miles. 7 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Only seven walkers turned out for what was a mixed weatherwise. However excellent views made this a most enjoyable day out.

Photos by Andy Dobney.


Buckden. Tuesday May 17th 2011. Distance 24 miles. 6 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Ulfkil Stride, taking in Horse Head pass, Pen-y-Ghent & Old Cote moor. A re-run of this classic challenge walk.


Bolton Bridge. Saturday May 21st. Distance 18 miles. 20 walkers. Leader - Tom Wood.

A magical mystery tour.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Reeth. Saturday/Sunday June 11/12th 2011. Distance 52 miles. 12 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Keld, Hawes, Aysgarth & Grinton, staying overnight at Hawes Youth Hostel.


Cononley. Wednesday June 15th 2011. Distance 10 miles. 6 walkers. Leader - Ian Slinger.

Cononley evening walk.


Skipton. Tuesday June 21st 2011. Distance 26 miles. 7 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Skipton Saunter, an old challenge walk visiting Sharp Haw, Weets Top & Flasby.


Threshfield. Tuesday July 5th 2011. Distance 25 miles. 6 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Re-run of the old challenge walk Rugger Ramble, visiting Boss Moor, Mastiles Lane & Kettlewell.


Ilkley. Wednesday July 13th 2011. Distance 10 miles. 6 walkers. Leader - John Sparshatt.

Around Ilkley Moor.


Otley. Saturday July 16th 2011. Distance 38 miles. 14 walkers. Leader - John Sparshatt.

The West Yorkshire Group of the LDWA completed the whole 38 miles of the Six Dales Trail on Saturday 16th July with a total of 4764 feet of ascent. Starting just before 8am at Middleham the walk to Otley was completed before 10pm in time for a drink in an Otley pub to finish the excellent day out. Light rain during most of the morning but sunshine to finish the walk. The group pictured near Bride Cross House some 4 miles from Otley and still in good spirits.

Photos by Andy Dobney.


Embsay. Wednesday August 3rd 2011. Distance 10 miles. 7 walkers. Leader - Ian Dyer.

Embsay evening walk.


Gargrave. Saturday August 13th 2011. Distance 25 miles. 15 walkers. Leader - Ian Slinger.

Stockdale Lane and Weets Top. Into Malhamdale and beyond.

Photos by Tom Wood, Julia Greenwood & Ralph Warman.


Kettlewell. Tuesday August 30th 2011. Distance 24 miles. 6 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Kettlewell Kanter. A re-run of old challenge walk, Grassington, Bordley and Mastiles Lane.


Otley. Saturday September 3rd 2011. Distance 25 miles. 19 walkers. Leader - Ralph Warman.

Yorkshire Ridings 200 Furlongs. Around Lower Wharfedale.

Photos by Julia Greenwood & Ralph Warman.


Long Preston. Tuesday September 6th 2011. Distance 20 miles. 6 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

To Malham and Rye Loaf Hill.


Stainforth. Saturday October 15th 2011. Distance 18 miles. 16 walkers. Leader - John Sparshatt.

Visiting scars around Crummockdale.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Norwood. Tuesday October 18th 2011. Distance 25 miles. 10 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

John O'Gaunt marshals' walk.


Norwood. Saturday October 22nd 2011. Distance 10/20/25 miles. 160 walkers.

John O'Gaunt challenge walk.

Photos by Julia Greenwood & Ralph Warman.


Buckden. Saturday November 5th 2011. Distance 21.5 miles. 12 walkers. Leader - Ian Dyer.

Visiting Cray, Yockenthwaite & Stalling Busk.

Photos by Julia Greenwood & Ralph Warman.


Burley Bridge. Tuesday November 8th 2011. Distance 20 miles. 8 walkers. Leader - John Sparshatt.

Over Ilkley Moor.


Settle. Saturday December 17th 2011. Distance 16.5 miles. 37 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

Xmas Lunch walk starting at Settle, visiting Nappa Cross, Jubilee Cave , Stainforth and having lunch at Elaine's in Feizor.
Excellent walking weather with snow on the ground but sunny and pleasant.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Ilkley. Tuesday December 20th 2011. Distance 20 miles. 10 walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.

A Way, a river, a Beacon and a moor.

Ilkley. Saturday December 31st 2011. Distance 20 miles. ? walkers. Leader - Andy Ward.