Walk Reports - 2016

Totals for year:
Walks - 26
Miles - 536
Walkers - 414
Walk Leaders - 10


Shibden. Saturday January 23rd 2016. Distance - 18 miles. 17 walkers. Leader - Philip Clarke.

Our trip to Halifax attracted a few new faces to the group for our jaunt around Calderdale.
No rain today, a fine dry sunny fresh morning as we left via the Shibden Valley to take in the delights of Queensbury, Thornton, Ogden Water, our lunch stop, and returning via Catherine Slack and the high level route back to Shibden Park.

Photos by Ralph Warman.


Conistone. Saturday January 30th 2016. Distance - 16 miles. 20 walkers. Leader - Jane Parry.

On arrival at Conistone Bridge for Jane's walk, the icy cold fresh air hit our lungs as soon as we stepped out of the car. Although the sun was just about peeking through, the head-on wind that we walked into down the valley to Arncliffe made this easy section quite hard work and although we then climbed out of Arncliffe we were glad of a break from the wind.
We dropped into Kettlewell where 4 of our party decided to take the lower path back to Conistone as the rest of us climbed up Great Whernside. Thankfully most of the bogs were frozen over, but not quite enough, as Vera found out to her peril. Good job Hazel was on hand to pull her out !
The conditions on the summit of Great Whernside were fierce - wind you could hardly stand up in and then as we descended down and across the flank of the hillside the hailstone came in force, followed by snow showers. We were all relieved to get down safely and grab a late lunch - not one of those days to have lunch on the top of a hill.
We contoured round to Capplestone Gate and then descended back into Conistone. Jane apologised for the walk being a bit shorter than the advertised 20 miles, but not one single person complained. The majority of us then made a hasty retreat to the Old Hall Inn, where there was a very welcoming roaring fire and we enjoyed a couple of beverages whilst reflecting on the day's events.
Thanks Jane for a memorable walk and well done for looking after us all in such horrendous conditions.

Photos by Philip Clarke & Tom Wood.


Slaidburn. Sunday February 14th 2016 0900. Distance - 20 miles. 25 walkers. Leader - Tim Rollett.

A joint walk with our friends from the South Pennine Group proved to be a big hit with 25 walkers setting off from Slaidburn to tackle the 20 mile heart shaped route appropriately on Valentine's day.
A crisp and frosty day with blue skies and bright sunshine and fine views for miles on the tops made for a great winter walk and a day to remember in the remote countryside of Bowland.
Starting from Slaidburn, a climb up Dunsop Fell was rewarded with great views of the surrounding hills. We then followed the Whitendale River northwards and after another gentle climb, met the Roman Road on Croasdale Fell.
The afternoon began with a boggy section of the walk that tested the most waterproof of boots; at least it wasn't raining though. The final few miles saw us retrace part of the Red Rose Hundred route back to Slaidburn via St James' church (the village to which it served is at the bottom of Stocks Reservoir).
Valentine treats of chocolates for the girls and heart shaped jellies for all went down well.

Photos by Ralph Warman & Tim Rollett.


Leeds. Saturday February 27th 2016. Distance - 21 miles. 10 walkers. Leader - Bob Clarke.

Follows Dales Way Link to Ilkley. Steady pace. Bus & rail links at finish.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Marsden. Saturday March 12th 2016. Distance - 19 miles. 17 walkers. Leader - Tom Wood.

Visited White Hill, Castleshaw reservoir and Pule Hill.
One of the walkers (Roger) was ill on the walk and we had to arrange to get him a taxi to the nearest station so he could get back to Dewsbury. Tom spoke to Roger yesterday (Sunday) on the phone and he was feeling a lot better and was thankful to everybody for helping him out.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Arncliffe. Saturday March 26th 2016. Distance - 22 miles. 14 walkers. Leader - Ralph Warman.

A weather forecast of very strong winds and heavy winter showers did not deter the 14 strong group of walkers willing to tackle Jane's Wharfedale circuit lead by stand-in leader Ralph.
Waterproofs were clad as we ascended Great Pasture on our way over the the top from Halton Gill to Beckermonds. After a brief stop on the ridge to re-enact the front page photo on the latest Strider, which was taken on our recce in January with thick snow on the ground, we descended into Wharfedale.
Lunch was taken in Hubberholme after the chase down Longstrothdale to get warmed up, then down to Buckden and the slog up to the Pike to be greeted by the cold and extremely strong wind which made it very difficult to walk and stay on our feet. After descending down to Starbottom, with no let up from the wind and the cold, we had a short refreshment break before the sting in the tail climb back over Old Cote Moor and a twenty minute bashing from a very violent shower of snow, hail and sleety rain.
A great day's walking finished off with a well earned pint in the Falcon Arms.

Photos by Tom Wood & Julia Greenwood.


Keighley. Saturday April 16th 2016. Distance - 21 miles. 11 walkers. Leader - Philip Clarke.

Redcar, Sutton in Craven, Earl Crag, Sutton Moor & Goose Eye.

Photos by Ralph Warman.

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Ilkley. Saturday April 30th 2016. Distance - 19 miles. 22 walkers. Leader - Bob Clarke.

To Middleton, Hazelwood & Addingham Moors.
21 walkers, increasing to 22 (as Tricia joined us at Cavendish Pavilion). A pleasant day out was had by all - thanks Bob.

Photos by Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Settle. Saturday May 7th 2016. Distance - 28 miles. 18 walkers. Leader - Tom Wood.

Bowland Knotts, Stocks reservoir, Slaidburn & Whelp Stone Crag.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Bramhope. Saturday May 21st 2016. Distance - 30 miles. 13 walkers. Leaders - Tim Rollett & Ralph Warman.

13 walkers set off from Bramhope on the 31 miler Scout movements Vicinalis walk.
Early morning rain was followed by warm spells of bright sunshine and later heavy downpours just after lunch and within 15 minutes from the finish.

Photos by Julia Greenwood & Tom Wood.


Beaminster. Saturday May 30th 2016. Distance - 100 miles.

Dorset 100

Photos by Ralph Warman, Ian Dyer & Bryan Wiseman.


Marsden. Saturday June 11th 2016. Distance - 24 miles. 9 walkers. Leader - Tim Rollett.

Nine dodgers left Marsden Railway Station on a misty damp but warm morning.
This former challenge walk does not now have the notorious bogs of the eighties but some were encountered as we made our way up to Black Hill.
No views on the tops today due to the misty conditions but things did improve in the afternoon until a heavy downpour for the last half hour of the day as we made our way back to Marsden via the Wessendale valley.

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Ilkley. Saturday June 25th 2016. Distance - 25 miles. 11 walkers. Leader - Jane Parry.

Addingham, Middleton, Timble, Otley Chevin & Burley.

Photos by Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Horton In Ribblesdale. Saturday July 9th 2016. Distance - 24 miles. 9 walkers. Leader - Ralph Warman.

Undeterred by a poor weather forecast 9 of us set off from Horton on day one of our weekend away to celebrate the group's 40th anniversary and tackle the famous 3. After a dry start the rain started halfway up the ascent of Pen y Ghent and on reaching the summit we encountered heavier rain mist and the cold. A quick photo shoot and then off to the lower slopes and slightly drier and warmer conditions.
Our first stop for food and drinks was taken at Ribblehead in preparation for the slog up the big one - Whernside. On reaching the summit the weather was atrocious, extremely cold and very wet and windy, weather you don't expect to have at the beginning of July. A quick regroup and photo and then off down the steep and tricky descent and a warm drink at the farm cafe just before the Hill Inn.
The rain had now stopped for the final climb to Ingleborough but our legs were feeling the effects of a hard days walk in the difficult conditions. Ingleborough was conquered in dry but very windy and misty conditions, another photo shoot with the flag and then the long walk off to the finish in Horton.
The improving weather and clearing skies now enabled us to see the sleeping lion of Pen y Ghent for the first time as we walked the last mile of the day.
Well done to all, a great day out in challenging conditions.
Our celebrations continued in the evening at the Lion Hotel in Settle with a meal and drinks.

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Settle. Sunday July 10th 2016. Distance - 16 miles. 11 walkers. Leader - Ian Dyer.

After our 24 mile walk the day before, our 40th Anniversary celebrations continued with a 16 mile walk on day 2 of the weekend, to reach the magic number of 40 miles.
As we donned our waterproofs (again) at the start of the walk and having listened to the weather forecast we prepared ourselves for the worst. However, just after we had left the school grounds of Giggleswick school, the waterproofs were removed. What followed was a lovely walk in the Dales and we walked on paths and tops that many of us had not been on before.
Mid morning break, lunch and afternoon stop were all in the dry, but just as we thought we had got away with it, the rain came down for the last hour, but it didn't dampen our spirits and having clocked up exactly 16 miles as we arrived in Settle our aim had been achieved.
Thanks Ian for completing a lovely weekend of walking.

Photos by Ralph Warman & Julia Greenwood.


Kettlewell. Saturday August 13th 2016. Distance - 22 miles. 12 walkers. Leader - Karen Pickersgill.

The Heights of Upper Wharfedale - Birks Fell, Buckden Pike & Great Whernside

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Gargrave. Saturday August 27th 2016. Distance - 23 miles. 13 walkers.

One Foot in the Gargrave Marshals Walk.

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Gargrave. One Foot In The Gargrave challenge event. Saturday September 10th 2016. Distance - 23 miles. 98 entries.

Dry and sunny. 19 non starters, 2 retired.
Main hall - Ralph, Julia
Kitchen - Judi, Lindy, Sue, Vera. Thanks to Judi, Lindy & Karen for home baking
CP1 - Ian, Brummie Dave, Tony F, Bryan
CP2 - Bob, Tim, Jane, Tricia, Mike A
CP3 - Stuart, Sandra, Lesley, Les
CP4 - Ian, Brummie Dave, Tony F
Sweepers - Tom & Mike S

Photos by Tom Wood.


Fairhomes, Derbyshire. Saturday September 17th 2016. Distance - 20 miles. 3 walkers. Leader - Philip Clarke.

Rocks in Hard Places - Upper Derwent Valley via Margery Hill to Bleaklow and back via Alport Castles.

Photos by Ralph Warman & Julia Greenwood.

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Marsden. Saturday October 8th 2016. Distance - 23 miles. 21 walkers. Leader - Tom Wood.

A fine dry fresh autumnal morning with good dry under foot conditions paved the way for a cracking moorland walk.
A misty Pule Hill was followed with gentle sunshine as we made our way to Hollingworth Lake for lunch via Piethorne Res. Then a climb to the Aiggin stone and Blackstone Edge and the return to Marsden over the M62 Pennine Way bridge at Windy Hill.
Well done Tom ! A cracking moorland Walk.

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Kettlewell. Saturday October 15th 2016. Distance - 19 miles. 9 walkers. Leader - Ralph Warman.

A select gathering of 9 of us set off from Kettlewell, including Anton from Cleveland Group who joined us for the first, but hopefully not the last time.
Ralph lured us into a false sense of security as we strolled along the riverbank to Starbotton, but then a sharp swing to the left as we climbed up, and up, and up and finally over dropping into Arncliffe, where we had a mid morning break, along with the village chickens !
We then ascended out of Arncliffe, enjoying the spectacular scenery, and made our way over to Malham Tarn where we stopped for lunch. As we left the tarn the air was arctic as we briskly walked on to Mastiles Lane, where I am pleased to say the sun warmed up again. We enjoyed a lovely walk on to the lovely village of Hawkswick before the final climb in the late afternoon sunshine, before dropping down back to Kettlewell for a well earned pint.
Thanks Ralph for leading and thanks to Karen for planning,what was a lovely route.

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.


Barrowford. Sunday October 30th 2016. Distance - 20 miles. 25 walkers. Leader - Julia Greenwood.

Joint walk with South Pennine group.
Setting off from Barrowford we criss-crossed the Clarion Way, the Bronte Way and the Pendle Way.
Our walk initially took us through some of the industrial parts of Lancashire before opening up into the lovely Pendle countryside. The autumnal colours were in full force and thankfully the rain stayed away. In fact the weather was very mild and a good day was had by all.
We enjoyed a welcome cup of tea at the Clarion House in the afternoon and as we proceeded from Newchurch in Pendle down to Blacko we were spoilt with all the fantastic Halloween goings on. A number of our party, no names mentioned ! - enjoyed the sweets that had been left near the Halloween figures for the children !!!

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tom Wood.

Click here for some more photos taken by Brian Fisher.


Hebden Bridge. Saturday November 5th 2016. Distance - 21 miles. 14 walkers. Leader - Bob Clarke.

To Stoodley Pike, Crag Vale, High Brown Knoll and Hebden Vale.

Photos by Philip Clarke & Tom Wood.


Brighouse. Saturday November 12th 2016. Distance - 21 miles. 16 walkers. Leader - Tim Rollett.

Joint walk with South Pennine Group. Originally created to celebrate the centenary of the former Borough of Brighouse, the walk encircles the town, gaining access to the moors and crossing the Calder Valley. At Hartshead Moor it links with the Bronte, Calderdale and Kirklees Ways and the Spen Way Heritage Trail.

Photos by ?


Hebden Bridge. Saturday November 26th 2016. Distance - 18 miles. 20 walkers. Leader - Bob Clarke.

To Stoodley Pike, Rake End, Blackshaw Head, Clough Head Hill and Hebden Vale.
Wow what a day, after a cold and frosty misty start the skies cleared and the sun shone and we were treated to a warm dry sunny winters day, ideal for walking.

Photos by Ian Dyer, Tom Wood, Julia Greenwood & Ralph Warman.


Skipton. Saturday December 10th 2016. Distance - 12 miles. 19 walkers. Leader - Bob Clarke.

A 12 mile walk up and around Embsay and Barden Moor, ably led by Bob, then back to the Herriot's Hotel in Skipton for Xmas Lunch.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Otley. Saturday December 17th 2016. Distance - 18 miles. 24 walkers. Leader - Ralph Warman.

Photos by Tom Wood.


Bramhope. Saturday December 31st 2016. Distance - 16 miles. 31 walkers. Leader - Tim Rollett.

A total of 31 walkers from several LDWA groups did the 16 mile route in clear, sunny conditions. We walked past Emmerdale Farm and had a coffee stop at a local donkey sanctuary.

Photos by Julia Greenwood, Ralph Warman & Tim Rollett.