Teachers Wore Mortar Boards and Gowns

Do you remember when teachers wore gowns. I do. We all thought it very funny. Quentin remembers it too:-

Teachers wore Mortar Boards and Gowns.

A gentle 2 hours stroll around Cheadle. A nice dry and warm evening, with 9 members and friends meeting at Cheadle Swimming Baths. The start was delayed a little, with the leader explaining the thinking behind the walk title. The Village Hotel, next to the Baths, is built on the site of Moseley Hall Grammar School, and attended by the leader. Little remains now, the odd wall or two, with some old faded pictures on offer.  Fond memories for QB. The leader is fading too.

A short woodland walk brought us into Cheadle Village, with a short detour to view the talk board depicting The Village Within a Village. New to most. On past the Alexandra Private Hospital, with tales of replacement knees, green legs and the benefits of private health mainly being free wine. All good stuff. On to the delights of Abney Hall, a wonderful place with designer gargoyles, beautiful memory boards, and a stunning walk along the avenue of trees, described in detail by Jane.

A short stroll around otherwise unknown to most, bits of Cheadle, leading back to the start via the Ladybrook stream. A nice few hours with friends, finished off relaxing in the Hotel. Thanks for the much needed support, to Yasmina for the pics, and thanks for the lift Ken.