AGM Walks (12/03/2016)


This years AGM was held in Buxton. It fell to our honour to lead the programme of walks that is part of this event. Dave Gosling devised suitable routes. The 'A' walk was a slightly shortened version of our new Goyt Valley Challenge route, with CPs3 and 4 omitted. The 17 mile 'B' walk being a slightly longer version of the GVC short route with a cafe stop added at the Peak View Cafe. The 'C' walk went to Earl Sterndale and did the 'Dragons Back'. The 9 mile 'D' walk going to Combs via Castle Naze to the Beehive Inn and back via Corbar Woods. There was also a trip out. We seem to have succeeded. See Gail Elrick's comment to David Allen below:-   


Dear David

Thank to you and your team for their time and effort in putting together such an excellent programme of walks at our recent LDWA AGM in Buxton. I know it takes a lot of work to produce such a programme and we are all very appreciative of the work people put into it. I certainly enjoyed my day on the A walk, it is super route!

 All good wishes

 Gail Elrick

Chair, Long Distance Walking Association


I need a few walk reports.

Here is my report of the 'A' walk led by Davina and myself (Duncan). Davina was the back marker and made sure that we lost no-one; until we got back into Buxton where half the group disappeared into pubs to watch the England versus Wales rugby union match. There were 29 of us, the largest group that I have led. I had to be careful, leading all the LDWA high ups, including Gail (the LDWA chairman), Ken and Isobel Falkener and long time no see, Jill Green. It was a pleasure to meet Jill again, whom I knew from my days living in Surrey. I have not seen her since I moved back north in 1990. Hopefully I have avoided the Strider Editorial entry as the LDWA's worst walk leader! All liked the route and I was even complemented on setting the right pace! They even liked my points of interest!!! Starting from the Palace Hotel we joined the GVC route at Poole's Cavern. Elevenses were at CP2 (Errwood reservoir). This would have been better had Dave Gosling's family materialised with all those lovely cakes they did on the GVC; perhaps I should have dropped a hint! After Shining Tor I decided to omit the muddy Thursbitch option after recent rain and snow so we followed the ridge to Pym Chair. We had lunch at Windgather Rocks, in a windproof hollow that Raj had suggested. The afternoon stop was at the Errwood reservoir / Wildmoorstone Brook junction, just across the reservoir from CP2. I gently persuded a Ranger to vacate the seat here for us. Up on the railway line I showed them the 'Joe Brown stone'. Finally we returned to Buxton via Nithen End. The weather was fine at the start, getting duller later. No rain, good. In all we covered 22.4 miles and 3,650ft ascent in 8 hours 47 minutes - not bad for a social walk.

We have a few photos (mostly from Roger Hand):-