Example Risk Register

Social Walk Risk Assessment (example for discussion)




Date Risk Assessment Completed:


Recce Date:


Time/Date of Walk


Walk Leader:


Start GR/GPS:


Finish GR/GPS:




Parking Location:






General Hazards

Action Taken? Click the box


Parking Area

Is there ample suitable parking given?





Are there suitable places at roads/railways to ensure crossings take place in a safe place whilst maintaining good hygiene and social distancing guidelines if appropriate?


Terrain, paths, tracks and obstacles

Is the terrain taken into consideration?

Any potential barriers to enable good hygiene (especially on high touch surfaces)?

Have narrow routes been minimised where walkers may not be comfortable passing through due to lack of social distancing?


Rest breaks, Refreshments & Amenities

Does the location for the coffee/lunch break allow for good hygiene and safe use of amenities?




Have extreme weather conditions been considered and its impact on the walk?

Will Met weather warnings be checked before commencing?



Is there danger to walkers that should be considered? Are there locations where livestock are likely to be found? Are there reasonable safe routes available?



Assessing the hazards outlined within this risk assessment, as walk leader I am comfortable to lead a maximum group of:


Insert number


Are arrangements in place to complete the walkers register?

Is it known how to upload the risk assessment and walkers register?


Comments and additions to the risk assessment