A Hearty Little Stroll - evening walk (23/06/2016)

Six members met for an exciting - well sort of - short walk around Hazel Grove. It nearly didn’t happen as my old Cub Pack had just arrived in Torkington Park for a Wide Game and your Leader was pressured to help. Resisting the temptation, the group set off for the 1 eyed tree and everyone listened with rapt attention to the first of Quentin's tales from the past. On past Hazel Grove Golf Course, and another riveting story, this time of the bullying Club professional. A full blown discussion of caddying some 55 years ago led us on past Manure Manor and onto the Macclesfield Canal.

This was a signal for Don to break into his emergency rations, Malt Loaf, ooh, my favourite. Sadly he didn’t share it and we moved on with long faces. Now across our second golf course, Marple, heading for home. Ken was disappointed to arrive at the local Rugby Club just as the practice session was finishing, which prompted Duncan to update us on the various Rugby League results and table positions. All good stuff. The paths through the woods were wet and slippy, with the wimps grumbling about the nettles. This led to our third and final golf course, Stockport, followed by an unavoidable 10 minutes (well 20 actually) road walk leading us back into the Park. We lost Don at this juncture; he was using local knowledge, but we still arrived at Chez Price before he did! Hee hee.

All that remained was a couple of pints in the Rising Sun, very nice. 6.5-7 miles, nice weather, nice company, and hopefully the tales from the past were not too boring. All good fun, make sure you come along to the next one.

QB. June 2016.