Hints to Leaders

From the Sheffield Clarion Ramblers Handbook (1932) 

"The Ramble will be taken, wet or fine, and the Leader must follow the printed route.  He will wear a distinctive red badge, and appoint a whipper-in. 

"He has full charge of the arrangements for the day and is expected to write in advance and make some provision for tea - but he cannot be responsible for a large party, and, therefore, members themselves should write beforehand.

"He is expected to provide a reading, or to give useful information upon the way (place names, etc) from Ramblers' booklets or other sources, and to see that some song is sung during the day. 

"He must see that new members do not leave waste paper or orange peel to defile either field or moorland." 

(reproduced in "Signpost - Newsletter of the Peak and Northern Footpaths Society", No 34, Autumn 2009)


Some of our leaders may have to be excused from singing, and I'm not too sure about the whipping-in!