AGM 2024 Draft Minutes

Minutes of South Manchester Local Group AGM

                                 24th February 2024


1 The Chairman, Dave Gosling opened the meeting held at The Navigation Inn in Marple at 14.07 and welcomed and thanked members for attending.

The pub had again been very hospitable and provided tea, coffee and biscuits.

2 Present  were:-  Avril and David Allen, Quentin Blagg, John Braide,  Dave Gosling, Bridget Knight, Jerzy Matuszewski, Steve Millward, Jean and Steve Osborne, Ann Robinson, Frank Tonge,  Duncan Smith and David Wright.

Apologies from: - David Clift, Richard Denby, Helen Gray, Roger Hand, Carl Harris, Michael Magee, Gareth Phillips and Peter Whitehead.

3 The minutes of the 2023 AGM had been circulated

Acceptance proposed by Quentin, seconded by Bridget. All agreed.   
4. Matters Arising:   Notes for leaders, no navigation course, apologies for these not having  been done, Jerzy wondered about numbers needed for an AGM, information to follow.

5 The secretary reported on the level of local group membership.  As of 19th February 2024 there are 281 members, up from last year. About 40 are active members known to the committee.

Chairman’s Report. Dave reported on activities as per the circulated report and again thanked the many leaders of walks and the members attending the walks. Some discussion re longer walks and could the planned route include amount of ascent and our website be updated when the recce had been done. (i.e. email to John, so can copy and paste).  Our continuing involvement with the GVC was highlighted and Helen’s work on our own challenge walk, The Signpost Challenge on Sunday 20th October 2024.

6 Bridget had issued copies of the accounts. Before commenting on the balance of £743, she wished to echo the chairman’s thanks.  Of the monies £360 is set aside for South Manchester fleeces at £30 each. Badges have been purchased and are offered at a loss. 

Since the accounts were completed for the year we have applied for a grant of £500 from the NEC and it has been awarded. Bridget is keeping a separate account for all things associated with our running of The Signpost Challenge. 

7 All officers were thanked. Duncan would like to stand down from his position of Webmaster. The other current officers are willing to continue in their positions. The election then took place confirming the members of the committee. Proposed by David Allen and seconded by Avril Allen, 

Chairman (Dave Gosling), Secretary (Steve Osborne), Treasurer (Bridget Knight), and Walks Secretary (John Braide). Many thanks to Duncan for his many years of service.  Currently 3 committee members are able to update our website.

7a Steve Millward willing to stand as Accounts Reviewer. Steve was thanked and all agreed.

8 Some discussion on this item, Michael Magee leading a group on this and the group is awaiting further information.

9 We have a few going to the Marshal’s 100 breakfast stop in Speyside, a grant had been applied for but turned down. (Would set a precedent). Many thanks to those going. Jerzy suggesting Church Stretton for a few days away,

He would be there with Margaret w/c 15th or 22nd September, members to let him know their preference. Our Signpost Challenge walk on Sunday 20th October will require help from our members. John’s new format of walking information completed by walk leaders is working well. Social activities to be revived, Avril suggested10pin bowling, the Osborne’s to hold a garden party social, and Quentin to arrange a curry night.

10 David Allen proposed a vote of thank to the committee. Seconded by Jerzy. Dave thanked all those for attending and for the lively discussions and topics we had covered.

The meeting closed at 15.34.