2023 AGM Minutes


Minutes of South Manchester Local Group AGM

                                 28th January 2023


1 The Chairman, Dave Gosling opened the meeting held at The Navigation Inn in Marple at 14.00 and welcomed and thanked members for attending.

2 Present  were:-  David Allen, Quentin Blagg, John Braide, Adrian Brooks, Helen Gray, Dave Gosling, Bridget Knight, Jerzy Matuszewski, Steve Osborne, Gareth Phillips, Duncan Smith and Peter Whitehead.

Apologies from:-  Avril Allen, Nicoletta Bobobla, Michael Magee, Steve Millward, Jean Osborne, Ann Robinson, Peter Schick and Alison Sheedy.

3 The minutes of the 2022 AGM had been circulated. Acceptance proposed by Quentin, seconded by Bridget. All agreed.   

4 Steve Osborne apologised that there had been no map navigation session as promised at the AGM last year. We will offer the course this year. It was suggested that using gpx devices should be included.

5 The secretary reported on the level of local group membership.  As of 27th January 2023 there are 256 members, slightly down from last year. About 40 are active members known to the committee.

Chairman’s Report. Dave reported on activities as per the circulated report and again thanked the many leaders of walks and the members attending the walks.

The work of Michael Magee as walks secretary for the last 5 years was noted and thanked. South Manchester group had run a comprehensive and regular series of walks. On most measures, according to the data reported to the recent Local Groups meeting we are about midway, but we do need to keep a good balance between shorter and long distance walks.

Four points where we need to improve, as listed in the report, were discussed; namely to keep a record of walk attendees, ensure walk leaders carry a First Aid kit, to upload gpx files to the website and using car share wherever possible. Other topics discussed included a possible First Aid course, having a backmarker on walks, and how comprehensive a risk assessment needs to be done.

It was noted that South Manchester has a lower than average proportion of female members, but it was agreed we will not do anything to target females specifically, though we will welcome greater involvement from women members.

Our involvement with the GVC was highlighted. This brought us onto the topic of whether South Manchester wishes to organise a challenge walk? Any surplus from an event would give some income to the group. Dave suggested some ways that a more manageable challenge event could be offered using a route from Marple. It was agreed we progress this idea with Jerzy, Adrian, Bridget, and Duncan meeting with Dave.  The earliest possible running of the event would be 2024.

Helen offered to set up a Facebook account, but she would need members to send in content. This offer was greatly appreciated and accepted.

6 Bridget had issued copies of the accounts. Before commenting on the balance of £800, she wished to echo the chairman’s thanks.  Of the monies £300 is set aside for a group weekend away. Dave had tried to organise a weekend away but nothing could be agreed. The topic was discussed further and Jerzy will organise a location for a weekend or midweek, send out the date and attendees going arrange their own accommodation. £10 a head would be given for a group meal. A question re South Manchester fleeces was asked and if any more would be purchased and also badges. Bridget will investigate and report back.

7 All officers were thanked. John Braide will be the new walks secretary replacing Michael Magee. The other current officers are willing to continue in their positions.

The election then took place confirming.  

Chairman (Dave Gosling), Secretary (Steve Osborne), Treasurer (Bridget Knight), Webmaster and Data Inputter (Duncan Smith), and Walks Secretary (John Braide).

7a Steve Millward willing to stand as Accounts Reviewer. Steve was thanked and all agreed.

8 Most items under this heading have been discussed, Gareth spoke a little more about the Marshals 100 breakfast CP this year at Kenilworth, he will visit soon and happy to have company for the visit. A question from David Clift asked whether a merger with the High Peak Group had been considered. Dave expressed the view that South Manchester had its own separate identity, geographical area, and personnel and, although we welcomed joint events, a merger was not on the cards. This view was endorsed by the meeting.

9 David Allen proposed a vote of thank to the committee. Dave thanked all those for attending and for the lively discussions and topics we had covered.

The meeting closed at 15.25.