Kinder Edges

12 of us + Bess out last Saturday for Tony's walk on Kinder. Thanks to all those that came including Dora, Julie and Duncan from Staffs Group.  Bev and Lavinia from High Peak (they are the first entrants to our challenge walk in October) also Mary and Jim from High Peak.  It was good to see them. Also good to see Frank, Richard and Bob from South Manchester.
This was the first walk for South Manchester from Tony and the second time recently he has been thwarted by the weather, in spite of that it was an interesting experience in the deep snow and very soft underfoot conditions across the plateau. We met Peter (The Ranger) as went from The Downfall towards Sandy Heys and by then the weather had brightened up.  Thanks again to Tony and hope his walk next Wednesday 4th March for the Irregulars does not have bad weather (surely can't have 3 in a row!!).