The Eastern Side of the Goyt (1/11/2015)

12 LDWA members out yesterday on the walk led by Bob (well to be pedantic, 11 members and a prospective member from Nottingham - Mark).
Good to see Ned and the stalwarts, Peter, Duncan, Richard and not least Steve whom we welcome to the email list.  We were joined by Bev, Glenys and Pete and finally Nigel.  Hopefully that is 12 including myself.
It was a brilliant sunny day and we managed to keep to the East of the Goyt until the end of the walk.
Lots of people out and the autumn colours were excellent.
Bev, our GVC pin up (she says), was sporting strange orange coloured legs (the rest of her was her normal colour). Obviously her legs had turned to their autumn shade. That means that they will fall off in a fortnight :). Many other members suffering from duff knees (old age :) ).
Idiot MTBers provided much ammusement as they attempted (and failed) to cycle down the steep slopes of Burbage Edge to the old Railway, inverted bikes hurtling through the air over their recumbent riders. Serves them right. They are not allowed on Burbage Edge, it is not a Bridleway and bike tyres cut up the peat badly. It was a brilliant autumn day showing up the autumn colours of the Goyt valley at their finest. The reservoirs are very low and we could see the normally flooded field walls under Fernilee Reservior. Bob timed the walk almost to perfection, i.e. I was able to get home (just) in time to see the England Rugby League team thrash New Zealand 26 - 12.
Walk sadistics: Distance 17.1 miles (Peter Schick) or 17.6 miles (me) with almost 2700ft ascent.
Photos by Peter Schick and Duncan Smith