Dorset Marshals' 100 (30/4-2/5/2016)

Once again South Manchester were on hand to run the all-important Breakfast Stop. The location was Beaminster, a delightful little Dorset town, midway between Dorchester and Weymouth. An experienced crew was on hand; Quentin, Duncan, Peter, Roger, Dave G plus Jean and Steve.

Various styles of accommodation were used, Youth Hostels, B&Bs, bargain price hotels and of course second homes (Motorhomes). Peter and Roger were up for some main event prepping so were there early, with Duncan hitching a lift. The rest arrived in dribs and drabs, meeting up on Saturday for a very nice pub meal in town.

The checkpoint was the Pavilion attached to the Sports Ground and it turned out to be a very pleasant base. Well equipped, warm and welcoming, we were all set for a nice overnight stay. Important tasks such as Catering and Signage were set up, baggage was sorted, all we needed was clients!

First man through was again Dave Findel-Hawkins, closely followed by many old friends of South Manchester. All were well looked after, with a superb breakfast cheering up many a flagging spirit. We did have the odd retirement; with a pickup service operating well, these walkers were soon back at HQ.

The sweep system did its job well, and we were closed down by 11.00, handing over the keys by midday. Some members were off home, others extending the stay in this lovely part of the world by an extra few days. Duncan and Quentin had an exciting day at the Tank Museum at Bovington, well, exciting if, like them, you like big boys' toys!

All in all, a very enjoyable few days, and Deirdre Flegg, the event organiser, received lots of very complimentary follow-ups saying how much they had enjoyed our CP. It seems we are an essential ingredient to the success of the Marshals' Walk 100, and as such we will be there again next year, when Yorkshire groups take up the reins. Lots of time of course, but never too early to get your name down as a helper; who knows, you may have loads of fun just like we did.

QB May 2016.


Photos taken by Roger Hand:



Photos taken by Peter Schick:



Photos taken by Duncan Smith:


Loaders to Upway Reconaissance Walk:



Buckland Newton to Beaminster Reconaissance Walk:



Coastal Shots. Bridport to Chesil Beach



Isle of Portland: