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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - Hot tips for this cold spell

Posted: Sun 17th Jan 2010, 11:07
Joined: 1972
AHA!AHA! They have come to take me away. AHA!

OK then. Perhaps I have a teeny weeny bit of the hard man in my soul. But then I live in Telford wherein on 10 January,1982, was recorded England's lowest temperature of minus 26.1degC so a mere minus 15 seemed balmy, or perhaps for me, barmy.

On that night I climbed Pontesford hill in deep fluffy powder snow that clittered as rainbow colours in the light of a full moon. On the summit there was not a stirring of wind and the only sound was the flow of blood through my ears. So minus 15? Bah! Humbug!
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Sat 16th Jan 2010, 23:18
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Sat 16th Jan 2010, 22:47
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
Posted: Sat 16th Jan 2010, 22:29
Joined: 1972
Moi? A hard man! I'm afraid I might have beefed up my posting. A case of the truth but not quite all the truth. I was a trifle forgetful to mention that though the temperature was minus 15degC I was hunkered down in the public shelter of Elan Village that, though lacking walls, possessed a comfortable roof and a nice wide wood bench usable as a sleeping platform. So no hard frozen ground to lay on with only sky above me.

Then there was my sleeping bag rated at minus 10degC but upgraded by insertion of Tesco's best fleece liner. Aided by my coffee flavoured whisky night gap I became so drowsy that I went to sleep in my fleece jacket only to wake at 2am feeling decidedly hot and stripped off.

There was no need when day dawned to chip ice off my beard as I was deeply submerged in the warm depths of bedding though my boots were a trifle hard when it came to force my feet into them.

Now to be really hard I should have done what the Clansmen did when on a winter campaign. Dip my woolen cloak in the burn before wrapping it tightly around my body so that as the water turned to ice the garment became windproof with me snug inside.

So me, a hard man? You know the saying; "There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad gear". No; I'm simply a whimp seeking bragging rights.
Author: Janet R Pitt-Lewis
Posted: Sat 16th Jan 2010, 17:39
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Marches
The women however are weak - I confess I camped the night before the reservoir roundabout-backmarker might be right.
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Fri 15th Jan 2010, 17:59
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
This should answer the question in Backmarker in the last edition of Strider: are long distance walkers becoming wimps?

As if sub-zero bothying in Snowdonia is not enough, the man bivouacs in the Elan Valley at -15 deg C. The hard men are still with us.
Posted: Tue 12th Jan 2010, 0:24
Joined: 1972

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