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Discussion Forum - LDWA ideas forum - Teams

Posted: Mon 13th Jun 2005, 22:43
Joined: 1982
Please forget about teams, walking or running in the L D W A is concerned with you not you plus xxx, our events are desingned for the person and the challange is a personal one not a team challange. If you want teams stick to football and leave walking to the individual.
Author: Julie Welch
Posted: Mon 13th Jun 2005, 19:23
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
The idea of doing an event in a team seems rather appealing, actually. It's easy to forget how daunting the idea of walking 50 miles is to someone who hasn't tried a challenge event before, and who doesn't know anybody in the LDWA. If I was in my teens and wanted to raise money for my school or a good cause, I'd defintely think about getting two or three mates to have a go at something like the Poppyline 50. It's a good way of getting the LDWA known to a wider range of people. I think East Lancs deserve a round of applause for initiative!
Author: Mike Buckley
Posted: Mon 16th May 2005, 13:56
Joined: 1989
Local Group: Heart of England
Can't see the point of this myself. Why enter an event to do half or a third or a quarter of it? It only makes sense if you are doing it as a competitive event against other teams. Do we "do competitive"? Thought not.
Author: Peter Haslam
Posted: Sun 15th May 2005, 19:56
Joined: 1992
Local Group: East Lancashire
Each team will be responsible for their own transport, all that is needed is one car per team, one person out, one gets in.
Author: Chris Chorley
Posted: Sat 14th May 2005, 20:25
Joined: 1982
Local Group: Norfolk & Suffolk
Just curious, what do you do with all these people who arrive at a checkpint to go no further ? Fleet of minibusses ? (I have to ask because I have a prior appointment on the Cheviot Challenge so cannot be there !)
Author: Peter Haslam
Posted: Sat 14th May 2005, 13:03
Joined: 1992
Local Group: East Lancashire
The West Pennine 100 K welcomes entries from teams. All team members will receive a badge, certificate and a meal at the end. One tally will be issued per team, pass it on to a teamate at a CP, and so on. A team of three will do 33 km each, or a maximum of 10 will each walk one leg between Cp's. Ideal for introducing new people to the world of challenge events. August Bank Holiday, see you there.
Author: Chris Chorley
Posted: Fri 13th May 2005, 20:08
Joined: 1982
Local Group: Norfolk & Suffolk
An interesting idea. Running clubs have done the Peddars Way like that. I think for it to work you all have to be contributing to doing something; in the runners case it is to get a lower total time and all team members help towards that. Because LDWA members aren't competing (or are they ?) then I don't think it would work. Though the Tandem did (does ?). Two walkers did different routes to a common point and then finished together. Not quite the same thing. We do challenge walks as a team (one's tired, the other navigates; or the dog does it all if not a 100) but again not the same. I think that when I can't do all of a 100 I will walk it in two (or four) days, permissive bits excepted, after the event.
Author: Ian Koszalinski
Posted: Fri 13th May 2005, 19:31
Joined: 2004
Local Group: High Peak
personnally i'd rather do the whole distance, the only walk where i have seen relay teams is on the round rotherham and these teams belonged to running clubs
Author: Merrian Lancaster
Posted: Fri 13th May 2005, 17:28
Joined: 1996
Local Group: Beds, Bucks and Northants
Do you think more people would enter events if teams were allowed to share the distance? A team of two, three or even four splitting a 30, 50 or even 100 miler between them? I think some events already cater for teams, maybe more could offer the option. Of course I haven’t considered the implications for organisers, entry fees, catering, badges, certificates and results but it might bring some new people in, and might encourage them to try a longer distance next time. It would also let some of us continue to take part in events when our bodies are a bit past it.

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