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Discussion Forum - Events - LAKE DISTRICT 4X3000s

Author: Jeff Campbell
Posted: Wed 17th Jan 2007, 23:15
Joined: 1984
Local Group: Surrey
Similarly I greatly miss the event - always my favourite of the year. Despite (or because of?) the 2AM start, even the road run down Borrowdale was inspiring. Looking across at sunrise to Great Gable from the Corridor Route leading to Scafell was a magical experience, and even the scramble up the dreadful scree of Lord’s Rake added to the challenge. Following the descent of Broad Stand (or to Foxes Tarn if you prefer) the route climbed up Scafell, and eventually on to the unrelenting climb up High Raise, a long but scenic valley run before the slog up Helvellyn. One of the finest 46 mile events I’ve ever experienced.
Speaking to one of the locals in Keswick recently, it seems the organisers have lost enthusiasm following the lack of support a few years ago. At its peak the event regularly reached the limit of 250 entrants but for several years before its eventual demise nowhere near that number entered. As well as the potential dangers of Lord’s Rake this event is particularly demanding on the checkpointers – sitting on top of High Raise or Helvellyn for many hours requires a great amount of self sacrifice – even near the longest day the weather could be bitterly cold with gale force winds (I was literally airborne on top of Helvellyn!), but generally stinking hot with absolutely no shelter. It’s a great shame to see this event die, but who knows – perhaps nature will step in and dislodge the loose rocks and make the Rake safe once more?
Author: Tony Deall
Posted: Tue 9th Jan 2007, 16:26
Joined: 1985
Local Group: Cumbria
I'm sure the rock pillar in Lord's Rake is the main reason - it's oar-some, have you seen it ? I've a photo somewhere - I'll look it out and put it on the Picture Parade on our website.
Our Group has flirted with the idea of resurrecting it but I'm sure it's a non-starter. It would be impossible to send walkers up Lord's Rake in view of the warnings from Mountain Rescue, NT etc. Having said that I'm sure that rock will be there for many years to come.
Anyway we have commandered the 3rd Saturday in June, which was always 4 3's day, for our Three Rings of Shap Event now!
The 4 3's was always a classic; eagerly anticipated and a major buzz before the start at Keswick's rugby club. I have not done it for 10 years but previously I completed 18 in the 2 decades up to 1995. It got me into fellrunning & long distance stuff and is the main cause of the state my knees are in now.
Over the years I finished both 1st. & 91st.(plus most places in between depending on fitness), with times varying from 8.38 to 17+ hours. It was always an amazing day out and one could always rely on finishing completely knackered.
Author: Bill Lancashire
Posted: Tue 9th Jan 2007, 12:18
Joined: 2003
Local Group: South Wales
Yes, I think it was the Lord's Rake rock fall and continued instability that led to the event not running. I think in 2003 they proposed running the event with a revised route that excluded Sca Fell, but it resulted in too few entries and the event was cancelled.

I took part three times and think it was a good event.

Posted: Mon 8th Jan 2007, 21:49
Joined: 2005
Does anyone know why the annual lakes 4x3s folded up(was it because of the big rock in lords rake)

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