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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - Garmin full-GB OS MicroSD/SD card for 39

Author: John Barry
Posted: Thu 11th Oct 2018, 13:07
Joined: 2018
Local Group: Anytime Anywhere
Another alternative to the Official Garmin Maps is:

The free one is okay but it's worth while spending £11 on the "TT 1:50K Look n Feel"

I used that one on my GPXMAP 64 for the North York Moors 100 and the Red Rose 50 recently.
Author: Iain Connell
Posted: Sun 5th Aug 2018, 17:58
Joined: 2010
Local Group: East Lancashire
As of 5th August 2018, this seller's lists include only full-GB OS mapping at 1:50,000 scale (cheapest Garmin v4 full coverage). Still very good at £26.25 (plus pound-dollar conversion), but won't drill down to 1:25,000.

Other Garmin microSD cards in this seller's list include 1:25,000/1:50,000 OS mapping for separate UK regions (£26.25), 1:50,000 GB Discoverer for Northern Ireland (£26.25), and GB Discoverer Southern Ireland (scale not specified) for £30.

Author: Peter Lever
Posted: Mon 16th Apr 2018, 14:48
Joined: 1985
Local Group: Essex & Herts
I recently changed my old SatMap 10 to a Garmin Oregon 700. I bought it from a retail chain shop locally. What a mistake! Whilst struggling to make sense of the virtually non-existent instruction leaflet provided, I had recourse to the Internet, and came across a truly remarkable small independent retailer operating out of Rothbury Northumberland, called GPS Training, a subsidiary company of Shepherds Walks. They have a very helpful set of videos available on YouTube, which helped me through most of the problems I experienced, but more importantly sell at reasonable prices complete units with mapping of any type you want installed, backed up by a helpful advice line. They have dealt with every problem I fired at them, very quickly, professionally, and in simple to understand terms, important for an IT thick oldie like me! I thoroughly recommend them to all members.
Author: Iain Connell
Posted: Mon 1st Jan 2018, 9:47
Joined: 2010
Local Group: East Lancashire
Thanks to all for the comments.

Still available (1st Jan) at same price. (Seller has multiples of this card, also other map cards.)

Author: Alan Warrington
Posted: Sun 31st Dec 2017, 11:04
Joined: 1979
Local Group: Thames Valley
Great offer and works a treat. many thanks for the heads up and info.
Kind regards
Alan Warrington
Author: David Morgan
Posted: Sun 17th Dec 2017, 20:35
Joined: 1994
Local Group: South Wales
Mike - We were considering a workshop got GPS devices. One for Satmap and the other for Garmin. In the end, we plumped for the First Aid and a workshop on leadership.
We can certainly consider for the future.

I will be at the AGM and happy to spend a couple of hours showing you Garmin. Been a Garmin owner for 10 years and on my third generation device. I also have full 1:25000 mapping for the UK, but paid significantly more than this deal :-(


Author: Mike Childs
Posted: Fri 15th Dec 2017, 14:49
Joined: 1990
Local Group: Dorset

It sounds I need someone like you to explain / demonstrate the basics of GPS to me. (I haven't got one, so you can assume complete ignorance on my part)

Are you coming to the AGM ?
Author: Elton Ellis
Posted: Mon 11th Dec 2017, 21:44
Joined: 2006
Local Group: Surrey
Thanks Iain: useful link.

A tip which I learnt the hard way, by losing a micro SD card. When you put the card in place under the batteries, secure the little medal gate closed with a piece of tape: packaging tape or similar. It's very easy to open the gate by mistake and lose the card when you are changing batteries, especially when you are doing it on the trail by torchlight.
Author: Iain Connell
Posted: Wed 29th Nov 2017, 15:06
Joined: 2010
Local Group: East Lancashire
From online US site for just under £39 (50 dollars/£37.50 at time of writing, plus small processing fee): Garmin GB Discoverer Premium full OS coverage on MicroSD/SD card. Compatible with a range of Garmin GPS devices (check the specs for both your device and the item). Coverage is full Great Britain* plus Isle of Man. Scale(s) 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and 1:250,000 on raster maps.

This item was superseded in 2016 by the Garmin TOPO GB Pro card (from Garmin only, current price £350), card says 2008. See for a description (and how to insert, or rather remove from its adaptor).

Clearest (in my device) at 1:50,000, drills down to 1:25,000 (and up to 1:250,000) as required. My device (eTrex Touch) shows OS maps by default, but (in my device) they can (all*) be disabled.

Seller of this item is UK-based, item arrived well within specified time frame (5 days), postage can be tracked. Card and adaptor is new and in sealed box. You can message the seller via the iOffer site, she has multiples of this card and other maps/cards. Both iOffer and this UK seller very good IMO, check the iOffer T&C and the seller's ratings if not sure.

Best deal I've seen on a full-coverage MicroSD card, the 8 years (2008-16) will make very little difference for all but main roads and large-scale developments. But own-risk purchase: check the specs, T&Cs, and (in e.g. activeGPS) card data over-write warnings.


*East England, North England & IoM, North Scotland, South Scotland, West England & Wales. (Can be enabled separately in my device.)

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