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Discussion Forum - Website Development - Copy to my calendar

Author: Peter Steckles
Posted: Sun 27th May 2018, 23:52
Joined: 1998
Local Group: East Lancashire
Thanks David.

I'm pleased to say that I'm not a member of Facebook. So. Question... Is this Forum in its death throes then... I certainly hope not!

All the young people I know say that Facebook has had its day, and the Cambridge Analytica farce may perhaps drive another nail into its weary coffin...?

I understand that the local groups have been tasked with breathing some life into their Facebook Pages - and I understand there are many other, equally odd ways to communicate.

Rather than promoting Facebook, perhaps we should try to breathe new life into this (or its revamped successor) Forum?

I know the name of the game is attracting younger walkers, but I suspect that using Facebook will have its limitations, given the number of new, existing and yet to be born social media sites that are out there...

So, No, I haven't tried asking on Facebook.

Still a valid question. Can we get the events to copy to the common calendars out there? No matter if we can't.


Author: David Morgan
Posted: Mon 1st Jan 2018, 19:08
Joined: 1994
Local Group: South Wales
Yep, get that!
But as my mother said to me as a small child, 'everything in moderation'!

My question still stands. If no answers here, then it might be considering elsewhere on a busier platform, adverts and all!
Author: Deirdre Flegg
Posted: Mon 1st Jan 2018, 14:18
Joined: 1993
Local Group: Dorset
Ah, Facebook.Hmmm

The Ldwa website is calm, non addictive and advert free.

Read this & ponder

Hurray, mastered basic code mark up.
Author: David Morgan
Posted: Sun 31st Dec 2017, 13:22
Joined: 1994
Local Group: South Wales
Have you tried on the LDWA Facebook page? That is very interactive indeed.
David Morgan
Author: John King
Posted: Sat 30th Dec 2017, 21:13
Joined: 2002
Hi Peter
I can`t offer an answer for your original post but thanks for the good wishes for the new year and who knows just maybe the forum might come alive and you might just get a reply from somebody in the know :-).

good luck and all the best to all for 2018
Author: Peter Steckles
Posted: Fri 29th Dec 2017, 11:07
Joined: 1998
Local Group: East Lancashire
Happy New Year all
Author: Peter Steckles
Posted: Tue 21st Nov 2017, 22:41
Joined: 1998
Local Group: East Lancashire
Hi folks.

I don't get on here as often as I used to, but I note that there have been 96 views but no replies...?

Maybe its a bad idea? Or maybe it isn't possible with the current set up?

Just sayin'...

Author: Peter Steckles
Posted: Tue 24th Oct 2017, 22:11
Joined: 1998
Local Group: East Lancashire
Is it possible to select specific events in the LDWA calendar and 'copy to calendar', which in my case is Google Calendar.

This happens with a local cycling club calendar, and also with the Canal & River Trust's calendar, and I find this facility very useful, rather than typing all the details into my Google calendar.

I clearly don't want all the events transferring to my calendar, just those that I select.

If not now, is it something that could be considered in the future please?



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