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Discussion Forum - Notice Board - Sore feet

Author: Dick Smith
Posted: Sat 17th Aug 2019, 20:44
Joined: 2018
Local Group: Bristol & West
Before I did the Camino last year I went to a podiatrist who made a pair of insoles that fit my feet exactly. She recommended walking/trekking shoes a half size larger than my usual size and use an hydrating cream available from Boots. I applied it every night as I went to bed. I wore a pair of thin socks with individual toes (available on the internet) plus a pair of walking socks on top. Not a single blister nor sore feet. I used the some shoes and socks this year to do the C2C with the same excellent results. I agree about getting a chiropodist to remove hard skin built up under the ball of your foot. Good walking.
Author: Raymond Wilkes
Posted: Thu 16th Aug 2018, 19:51
Joined: 2013
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I had plantar fasciitis for years. It is a miserable problem
I was advised to use boots with stable soles so I wear winter boots all year and crocs indoors. Make sure your heels do not get worn down, get repairs early
I had special insoles at great expence but now I use SIDAS soles, but you need advice on which ones to use from a suitable boot seller
If you can tolerate Ibuprofen, start taking it a day or two before a walk, but stop at the end of the walk
Look on the internet for advice on how to stretch your achilles tendon
Author: Geoff Deighton
Posted: Wed 19th Jul 2017, 19:09
Joined: 1981
Local Group: High Peak
Timpsons sell thin leather insoles which I use on top of Sorbothane insoles. I rub these with some shoe polish to get a shine on them. This greatly reduces the friction underneath the foot and prevents soreness.
Author: Alan Finch
Posted: Fri 14th Jul 2017, 10:25
Joined: 2014
Local Group: Wessex
Could someone please recommend a pair of walking boots for someone with flat feet, i have been walking for a number of years and have been wearing Berghaus Explorer.I am recovering from plantar fasciitis Thanks for your Help
Author: Raymond Wilkes
Posted: Sat 17th Jun 2017, 10:42
Joined: 2013
Local Group: West Yorkshire
I used to get sore feet from hard skin building up under my feet. The hard skin was caused by spoeicla insoles for plantar fasciitis. The cure is to get a chiropodist to file off the hard skin and then use a foot cream to keep them soft. I wear liner socks to reduce friction, but most boot sellers argue for one sock only.
A friend used to get sore feet as he had a fungal foot infection - red peeling skin and a bad smell are symptoms. The cure is an anti fungal cream and making sure your feet are dry after washing them. Also that your footware gets time to dry out before re-use.
There may be other causes of course.
Author: Iain Connell
Posted: Thu 4th May 2017, 13:19
Joined: 2010
Local Group: East Lancashire
Hi Brian

If your problem is due to pressure from underneath rather than 'abrasions' or blisters (per se), you might try insoles. I've used Sorbothane (durable rubber with cloth top) for many years and have found them invaluable for preventing the 'bashing' I used to get to the soles of my feet. See the 'Sorbothane Insoles' thread under 'Gear'.

Author: Brian Grealy
Posted: Thu 4th May 2017, 10:02
Joined: 2016
Local Group: Heart of England
I have walked a few long distance paths but have struggled with sore soles of my feet. I assume it is the abrasion of my socks (lined) against the sole of my foot. Does anyone have any suggestions for any alternative socks or barrier cream?

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