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Discussion Forum - Gear ! - 'Highlander' Survival Bag

Author: Peter Steckles
Posted: Mon 18th Nov 2013, 21:46
Joined: 1998
Local Group: East Lancashire
You are correct John. What they are saying is nonsense!

I can only add that it was as well that you spotted it before you needed it.

Also, you have tried to warn people via this, and possibly other forums.

My view is that the people who make these bags have a duty of care to the people they sell them to, and they should be made to correct this situation.

There is a potential for a fatality if they don't correct their mistake.

Having a rucksack liner printed with the text "survival bag". That is absurd!

Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Mon 18th Nov 2013, 11:46
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
I just phoned 'Highlander' and spoke to the receptionist then the sales manager Alan Marshall.
He claimed that it's not their responsility, but the shop from which I bought them. This is despite the fact that the bag is clearly marked 'Survival Bag'. He says that's it's clearly a rucksac liner and this should have been apparent from the label on the bag. I don't remember if there was ever an attached tag; there's not one now (although the containing clear plastic bag was un-opened).
So it seems that (at least for a while) they were supplying both survival bags & rucksac liners which were both printed on the bag itself as "Survival Bag". He doesn't see any problem with this as the containing bag (he says) is clearly marked. I do however.
He says that as the bag's at least 2 years old it's also not their responsibility. I said there are probably people carrying un-opened survival bags for 10 years or more and they would never know what they were carrying. He said most people use their bags within a few months. I asked if that meant hundreds of people are getting into survival situations every week. He said that people use full size bivvi bags as rucksac liners. I said that's nonsense.
So no joy from 'Highlander'.
Author: MIke Rayner
Posted: Fri 1st Nov 2013, 5:03
Joined: 1983
John, I think what you have is a rucksack liner and not a survival bag. I used one for a 70L rucksack and it was the same material as my survival bag.
Author: MIke Rayner
Posted: Mon 28th Oct 2013, 22:37
Joined: 1983
I think that would be:

Highlander Scotland Ltd
Todd Square
EH54 5EF,
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)1506 438 438

Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Mon 28th Oct 2013, 10:29
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
Anybody any idea who is the manufacturer of 'Highland' Survival Bags or how to contact them?
Author: Bill Lancashire
Posted: Mon 28th Oct 2013, 10:18
Joined: 2003
Local Group: South Wales
Not sure which of their bags your one is John. Most of the advertisements for the 'Highlander' Survival Bag specify L 183cm x W 91cm.
Author: John Pennifold
Posted: Sun 27th Oct 2013, 19:37
Joined: 1996
Local Group: London
I thought that I should pass this information on anybody who carries a survival bag in the outdoors. I just opened my 'Highlander' Survival Bag as the bag it was in had got wet and I thought that I'd better dry it out. I have been carrying it, unused and unopened for several years. You can imagine my surprise when I found out how small it was: just 84cms x 55cms. Only just big enough to put my rucksac into, but certainly not myself.
So, I had been walking around thinking that I had a viable survival barrier when in fact I had nothing of the sort.
Please pass this information to anybody you know who may be carrying such a bag, as it could be vital for their safety.
Here's a photos of the offending item:

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