Bob's Munro Completion Walk - Aonach Beag and Aonach Mor


May saw rather a lot of snow in Scotland and we could not have anticipated Bob's Munro completion walk being quite so exciting and dramatic as it turned out.  A large group of friends joined Bob on their annual trip to Scotland but this year with a special plan to help Bob finish his Munros.  First of all Bob had a special trip over to the Cairngorms to collect the third outstanding Munro - Beinn Mheadhoin, or Middle Fell deep in the Cairngorms behind Loch Avon.  This was no problem because there was little snow out to the East, and with a little help from Dave, son Geoff and a long piece of rope (not necessarily in that order) Bob made it to the top of the little tor rock on top.


So that left us with a Sunny start on Thursday 16th May to try for Aonach Beag and Mor, making two of the very highest Munro's the target for a Munro Completion.  A very scenic route had been chosen taking in Glen Nevis, a very long steep grassy climb to a rocky col and then a cliff hanger (literally) of a finish onto Aonach Beag.  The scenery was made all the more special by a large fall of snow which had occurred most days that week.  So whilst one or two of us felt a little out of our depths, we certainly had a safe but challenging adventure.  And the photos can tell you the rest of the story.


Well done to Bob, no mean feat to complete the Munros for anyone and Bob has shown us all how it is done.  These photos are also in memory of friends who should by rights still be with us walking the hills - we carry you always, in our hearts and rucksacs!