A Long Sled in this Dale

Keith's walk from Sadgill brought plenty of snow - a common theme for us this spring! 


As we set off Nicky immediately sabotaged the walk by putting in a special request to climb a nearby Birkett - which Keith duly obliged with.  This meant a very steep climb rather than a quite steep climb to the first top - which was met with plenty of delight from the rest of the group.  They enjoyed it really.  So having got Great Howe out of the way, we continued with the 'real' walk which took in the Wainwrights of Gray Crag, Tarn Crag, Branstree and Selside Pike. 

The higher we climbed the more snow there was and the more Wallace the dog enjoyed his day - well, how the little dog laughed as you can see in his lovely pictures below.  The snow didn't seem to slow us down too much though although it did make the picnic at the summit a little bit parky to say the least.  We didn't linger too long! 

The snow on Harter Fell was quite intense still for so late in the season - little did we know that we would still be witnessing snow in mid May - but that will be another story for another day.


Thanks to Keith for seeing us round another challenging winter walk in the Wainwrights.