A Breath of Fresh Air

After the successful Tripple A walks of 2011 we have embarked on a Tripple B series for 2012 - a pattern causing some alarm to the older ones amongst us who are wondering how we are going to survive until the Tripple Z. 

Anyway, first of the Tripple B walks was a Breath of Fresh Air, as we wanted something relatively straightforward for February and a chance to stretch our legs whatever the weather.  We were blessed with superb sunny weather and really did get that fresh air as we set out from Glasson Dock along the estuary and out to the seafront near Cocker Sands.  We were out on a Sunday which meant we had the added entertainment of Parachute attempts taking place above our heads before we walked round to Cockerham for our elevensies.  After this a few soggy fields leads the route over to join the Lancaster Canal just south of Galgate.

The stretch of canal up from Galgate to Lancaster itself is very scenic.  The bit through Lancaster is more quirky than scenic, with the inevitable occasional shopping trolley, literally thrown in for good measure.  Eventually the path through the city redeems itself a bit by reaching the beautiful River Lune and allowing us to marvel at the engineering of the Lune Aquaduct. 

A straightforward cycle track leads down through the city to New Quay, a realtively trendy bit of Lancaster with a couple of nice wine bars and some french cuisine on offer.  Then you rapidly get out into the countryside again following the river round a sharp left hander to head back out to Glasson Dock and the end. 

The route did offer great alternatives for cutting the walk short and one or two of our members did just that.  And when we went in the pub at the end at Conder Green everyone seemed to know about the walk, and 'Stormin Norman' who devised it,  when we asked to sign the visitor book.  Sorry about the green ink Norman, it was all they had on offer in the pub.

A fine walk, particularly suited to the winter months - go try it sometime and support Norman's cause.