Jim's Back from America Again

With Jim safely back from his second forey to America's longest trails, we were all set for yet another pleasant February Christmas event!  Staveley still has fresh walks options or so it would seem, as Jim found us a route which was known in parts but new in others.

Jim also has friends in far flung places - well, along the road from Crook at any rate - and we were treated to an elevensies with a difference.  Jim had laid on Mulled Wine, warm apple pies and chocolate toffee crisp - all very delicious.  Many thanks to Jim's mates for letting us take over their front garden for half an hour and waking their immediate neighbours from a sleepy February morning! 

After the alcoholic refreshments we were  not quite so keen to walk in a stright line, so we use the muddy fields as a fine excuse to wiggle about a bit to find the 'best line' over the fields.  The walk turned out to be quite long (or was that the drink talking) and we just clocked in at the Eagle and Child in time for our lunch.  Once again, the Eagle and Child did us proud with a roaring log fire and superb food.  Thanks again to Jim for keeping us all stright at the table with regards to who ordered what! 

Looking forward to 2014 already.