Dunnerdale Delights

As we gathered near Torver Common for the Start of Tom's Delightful walk, the weather didn't look too delightful.  In fact, it was only because of the prospect of an improving forecast that I had even got myself out of bed at all! 

Numbers were few due to the poor forecast, but 7 of us set off to see what would happen to us.  Very soon, Claire and Phil decided that what was likely to happen was going to be all too much for Claire's waterproof and they joined us as far as Walna Scar Road and then very sensibly turned for home via the tea shop.  The rest of us were not at all envious - no, not one little bit!

Cor, are we really on Caw



After a chilly coffee stop on the Bridge on Walna Scar Road, we forged ahead for the summit, turning left for Walna Scar and White Maiden.  It was an exhillarating wander along the ridge,  with a very windy and steep descent at the far end.  But once we had tackled this (sharing sticks where necessary) the air started to clear somewhat and the way ahead to the 'Delights' of the day was visible.  Caw next said Tom.  Cor, said I!  Misty up there.

Anyway, we wound our way round the tussocks and by various means all managed to scramble to the top of Caw, unscathed, for our lunch stop.  We admired the view which was improving with even a hint of sunshine.  "Over there next", said Tom, pointing South East, and promptly set off North West  - Eh??  Turned out we were just avoiding the steep descent and having a look at the mine workings.  Tom had his compass to hand and looked very convincing, and quite soon we were on track walking along lovely old green lanes and minor tarmac roads to get across country to the Common lands near Woodlands and on to Beacon Tarn. 

By the time we reached Beacon Tarn we knew we had done some distance, but the views here are inspiring and kept us heading back to Torver.  A lovely walk, and well worth the effort after a doubtful start.  Thanks to Tom for expertly guiding us through some tricky terrain.



Behold a Beacon at the end of our Walk