Caves and Crones - and Easey Walk from Dent

Those of you who can spell were not to be fooled - and indeed didn't turn up! 

Those of us who can't spell assumed this walk would be a doddle and turned up for a restful day! Ian Dyer soon put us straight and explained that Easey referred to a beautiful but remote and hard to navigate river valley that we would be scrambling up, rather than the pace of the walk.  Hmmm.  OK Gird your loins (again!).

Seriously though, this turned out to be a really great walk with just the right amount of challenge.  We took a steep climb up from dent in the hot sunshine, onto Occupation Lane, with a quick detour to catch a little seen view over to the Howgills.  Then we had a rest going back down towards Barbondale on the road.  Although there was a couple of miles of road walking here, it was very enjoyable with the babbling brook (and babbling walkers) to keep you going.  After a really pleasant coffee stop right at the water edge, we climbed again over towards Bull Pot, before dropping down to the start of Ease Gill and Ease Gill 'Kirk'.  The Kirk didn't involve a church, but a lovely scramble about on wet limestone rocks to get into a natural feature created by the water - a sort of ampitheatre in the rocks which at times must be a raging torrent but today was tranquil and almost dry. 

Six slimey bottoms later we made it through here and continued up Ease Gill.  This is a beautiful, lonely valley, which we found initially dry and then water started to trickle down and we had to cross and recross the river.  Later on the valley sides became steep which meant either scrambling up the Gill or 'eating moss' whilst climbing up the steep sides using your teeth (my preferred option).

Eventually we reached to point where we had to head North for Great Coum.  At this point Iab explained all we needed to do was 'shimmy up that hil' and then across to the summit.  Well, the shimmy up that hill was about one in three, and nearly finished off poor Dave who doesn't take kindly to the heat at the best of times.  But eventually we sat at the Cairn on Great Coum and admired the view. 

The final leg was downhill to Occupation Lane, along the lane a mile or so and then back through the meadows and riverside paths back to Dent.  A lovely finish to a beautiful and challenging and interesting day out.  Thanks to Ian for this original idea in Dentdale and beyond.

Beautiful Waterfall but too dangerous to swim - how would you get out? Climbing Ease Gill Kirk Kirk in Ease Gill Leaving Barbondale Walking up the Valley of Ease Gill