Annandale Way June 2011

Ready for the Start, Moffat

The Annandale Way, running 54 miles south from the Head of Annandale, down to the Solway Coast, was the second of our 2011 Tripple A challenge.   Five of us took up the challenge and set out with a good forecast after lots of rain towards the end of June.

Our base for the three nights was to be Hightae Inn, at Hightae, half way down the route, and this proved to be excellent accommodation and food. 

Day one took us up to the head of the waters of the Annan above Moffat, a great view from the ridge above the Devil's Beef Tub.  It should be downhill all the way from here but of course it isn't - with many ridges to cross en route for the coast.

Day two gave us some fun with the cattle who were full of oats with the summer grazing.  We tried to befriend some on the summit of Joe Graham's Monument but they weren't having any of it! 

Day three saw us sweltering along the river proper, with interesting interpretation to keep us amused along the way.

And day four saw us messing about on a zip wire, when we should really have been getting on with the walking.  But finally we made it to the Solway just before the rains started.  And a good time was had by all.


At the Official Start, Annan Head near The Devil's Beef Tub Need to Keep on Mooving Despite Being On Top
Jeanette enjoys the Zip Wire at Annan Not all the path was fully open! Ron Keeps His Cool