Zig Zag over Skiddaw

Skiddaw comes out of the Cloud

This walk, with a mini bus to bring us back at the finish, gave the group an unusual opportunity to walk over and beyond Skiddaw: a patch usually a little too far for us to reach. 

THe Zig Zag therefore involved climbing Skiddaw and dropping to Bakestaall, before cutting back to Skiddaw House (ZIG) and then heading down the Cumbria Way to climb High Pike (ZAG or SAG) before dropping down to Caldbeck to pick up the bus and have a beer (not in that priority order).

The weather was kind to us after rather a few dodgy days, so it was great to climb without rain, even though Skiddaw was covered in mist.  Although there was no view from the very summit, we did have that lovely opportunity on the way down when the clouds parted to allow us glimpses over the commons and as far as the Solway.

By the time we walked back to Skddaw house the weather was really picking up which meant sunshine for lunch as we moved along the Cumbria Way. 

These paths are littered with interesting geology stones and anyone with any knowledge of geology will really enjoy a good ratch about here.  We were not experts so concentrated on our sandwiches before the long climb up to the Climbers Hut on Lingy hill, near High Pike. 

The sun stayed with us the rest of the day and it was positively hot as we strolled down from High Pike, through beautiful meadows and lanes down to Caldbeck.  And the bus was a few minutes late which was great because we were able to have a refreshing pint at the pub and relax on the bus back.

Linear walks are a regular theme of our programme and are subsidised by group funds so do look out for them and join us if you can (the next mini bus trip is March 2012 over to Colne and Nelson area for our 'Carry on up the Clarion' Walk with Fred and Helen).  Book a place!



taking a break on way to High Pike View along ridge to Carrock Fell
At the Summit of High Pike - when doing recce walk with Caroline and Bob